Recycled TP Roll Easter Bunny and Egg Stamps {Kid’s Craft}

I know that Easter is coming up quickly, and I have a super fun and easy craft to do with the little ones this week. This project is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers. I have one of each, and they both loved it!

One day when I was collecting a bunch of toilet paper rolls to put in the recycling, I started looking at one and wondered if I could make it into an ear for a bunny (what??? yeah, I am weird, I know). I did another one and realized it would probably work to make a bunny stamp. (My creative brain, seriously, never stops working even in the midst of the most mundane household chores like cleaning the bathroom).

All you need for this project are three toilet paper rolls, a glue gun and then paper and paint for the little ones.

To begin, fold one side of a toilet paper roll to a sharp point. Do this with another roll, and now you have the ears.

Leave the last one as a circle. Next, (obviously, far away from children) hot glue the two ear rolls together. Then glue them to the top of the last toilet paper roll. Make sure that all of the ends line up together on at least one end (this will be the stamping side).

Since I have an almost three year old and a 19 month old, I made two bunny stamps, so they could do this project together at the dining room table.

I had some extra plastic container lids that I used for paint palettes and mixed some pastel colors with washable paints. I love Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint (affiliate link*). Makes clean up easier especially when they decide to go crazy with it!

 I found two of my husband’s old work shirts to use as smocks. Don’t they look so adorable in these?

Owen didn’t really get the concept of the bunny stamp, but he had fun painting, and it was the first time he didn’t spend the whole time trying to put it in his mouth!

As you can see, Hazel was really getting into it.

And I have to admit, I had my fair share of fun too.

As I was painting my little bunnies, I realized I could make an egg stamp with another toilet paper roll.

For this one, I didn’t fold it to as sharp a point as the ears, but left it slightly rounded.

I painted some quick designs on them. Older kids could do this easily.

My kids’ paintings ended up looking like this…(drum roll please) Hazel’s:

(another drum roll…) and Owen’s:

Okay, okay…you can barely see the stamps. But they are there (somewhere!), and we sure had fun doing a creative project together. I even got a “Good job Mommy!” from Hazel in reference to my painting.

All three are now proudly displayed in our dining room. I love coming up with creative projects for my kids on a whim. And they love it too! If you have little ones and try this project, I hope you have just as much fun 🙂

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Till next time…
~Alice W.
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