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Eclectic Bohemian Summer Mantel

Summer is well on its way and with it I have been sprucing my decor. 

I find my style evolving all of the time, and while I still love rustic, farmhouse decorating, I am moving more towards full on eclectic with subtle touches of bohemia. I have brought this style into my dining room recently to bring a fresh look for summer.

When I shared my last mantel post, I thought that would be the final one from this location, since I had big plans to move it up to my bedroom.

Well, it sat in an awkward spot in my dining room for a few months (because I got impatient to get it moved, but it just ended up causing a lot of annoyance), and I finally decided to put it back and accept it where it was. I do enjoy decorating it often and don’t think it would have worked as well in my bedroom, so it’s all good.
Unfortunately, the natural light in my dining room is pretty poor, and it was a cloudy day when I shot most of these, so I apologize for the quality. Hope you can still get the “gist” of it despite the grainy, shadowy photographs.
While scanning Pinterest one night, I happened upon these adorable plates (the original blog link has been deleted unfortunately). I was inspired to make my own with some old plates that I had down in my basement. They already had a black pattern around the edge, so they were perfect for this project. I used a Sharpie marker to hand draw some fun designs on them. 
It was so much fun, I could become addicted to doing this with basic white china that I find at thrift stores and garage sales.
I filled a few old aqua tinted bottles with feathers purchased at A.C. Moore. The one in my town is going out of business so everything was 40% off. I will definitely be going back for more before they shut down for good.
My husband found these old wood pieces by the side of the road. I am not sure what their original purpose was (maybe shutters of some kind), but they have such great character. 
The pennant banner was made by my mom for Owen’s room, but I have been tweaking things in there a bit, so in the meantime, I added it here. Love the colors. (If you are interested in purchasing a banner from her you can check out her Etsy shop, AlteredEcoDesigns. She takes custom orders too!)
The pink bergere chair was purchased at a charity sale for only $15. Sometimes I think that I want to recover it in a more neutral fabric, but then I go back and forth and can’t decide. It would look adorable someday in Hazel’s room and pink is her favorite color so it’s a tough call for now.
I really wanted to make a “faux fire” inside the mantel but I wanted it to have a “beachy,” summery feel, so I got creative with that. I stacked up some old crates and filled them with Christmas lights. Then I used lots of large clam shells to cover the lights. I finished it off by wrapping a light, gauzy fabric around it. 
My kids love it (and want to “roast” marshmallows in it everyday. So I let them have one and eat it sitting nearby :).
It makes it very cozy and gives a bit of romance to the room in the evening. I am a sucker for lights. I could put them in every room of my house and not get sick of them I think.
I hope you enjoyed my summer mantel and thanks for visiting! I have a lot more fun posts planned for this summer (including lots of diy projects and more room make-overs!), so be sure to follow me by email or other social media to stay up to date with all of my posts. 
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Have a great weekend and don’t forget to come and back and link up with our Sundays at Home link party! 
Till next time…
~Alice W.


  • Julia - "Vintage with Laces"

    Hi Alice, I find this a good place for your mantel and your summer decoration is beautiful. Your style mix is adorable. The shutters were a great find and I love the crates with the large clam shells and lights. Your plates turned out lovley.
    Have a sunny weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Your mantel looks so beautiful and I love your chandelier as well.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  • Janine Hamilton

    Wow! This is spectacular I feel like I'm at a beach camp here, I could roast marshmallows right along with the kids! Love Josh's find he's got a good eye and really knows your style! Thanks for including my felt bunting and the plug!!

    Love you,

  • Little Vintage Cottage

    It looks fantastic! I especially like the plates you made, I may have to try that! My decorating style is evolving a bit as well, I really love the boho chic look and arrows and feathers too!


  • Olivia Godfrey

    Love the mantel Alice! And ohhh my goodness…I am so excited right now about the plate idea! I looked at them and immediately thought of my eclectic bohemian sister. Then I got the idea that I should try to make her some since she will be moving out to go to college in the fall. Thanks for the great idea!! I'll have to let you know if they turn out …I'll be happy if I can get them even half as cute as yours! πŸ™‚

  • Kristy GD

    I'm totally digging those plates! I'm always so impressed by people who can make designs like that and not look like it was a child's drawing! (Not that children's drawings don't have a charm of their own, just that I feel like I can't do much else than that!) Great mantel overall! Thanks for linking up at Creative Spark!

  • Helen Gullett

    This is soooo cool! I remember my mom have tons of ceramic chine plates… handed down from my grandma, from her mom… I bet she won't let me to decorate them πŸ˜€ But I am thinking plain white ceramic plates with ceramic markers would do great like these plates! THANK YOU for the inspiration!

  • Art and Sand

    I absolutely LOVE your mantel display.

    I would like to put an architectural piece on the mantel, but I am married to a professional artist and our home is his gallery. We have ever changing art hanging over the mantel. I can't complain, because art is how we eat.

  • Chatelaine

    I am just getting to read this wonderful post. Love the idea of the clam shells and lights in the vintage crates. It is so adorable! And so is the story of eating the marshmallow by the "faux fire". Your kids will always remember this childhood memory.