5 Minute No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Canvas drop cloth curtains have been increasing in popularity for a few years now and there is good reason, they are durable, washable, inexpensive and so easy to transform into beautiful drapes that look like linen without the cost. Here is how I made mine in about five minutes and without sewing…

window treatment made with drop cloth curtains and industrial pipe rod

I love the texture (and price) of the Blue Hawk drop cloths available at Lowe’s, which is what I used in the photographs shown here. I have bought several from there and now have curtains made from them in both my living room and playroom.

To make two long panels, I purchased one 4′ x 15′ drop cloth (update 11/19/15: I am not sure they still carry these specific drop cloths at Lowe’s). I chose this size because I needed them to be about 7′ long by 4′ wide but they didn’t have that size ready made.

I threw it in the washing machine first, without detergent, to loosen it a bit, dried it and then folded it in half. If you really wanted to iron it first at this point you could, but I chose not to (can I get a, “Lazy!”).

drop cloth fabric cut as curtain panels

I then cut it (as straight as possible) down the center.

Okay, so now I had two “curtains”. That’s it. I decided not to hem the edge, since I don’t mind the rustic look. I actually prefer it.
But…now I had to hang them….
brushed nickel drapery rings
I found drapery clip rings at Target and purchased a dark bronze for the living room and satin nickel for the playroom. Here are some drapery rings (affiliate link*) that show the wide variety available. The packages that I bought had seven each in them, so I bought a set for each panel.
Then I had to space them out evenly, so here is how I went about doing that. I started by clipping one on each end and then folding the panel in half and putting one in the center. That part is simple enough. (Notice: I was doing this on the living room floor, and someone had to get his little feet in there :).
drop cloth curtains with raw hem and drapery rings
Now, you could get out a measuring tape and make sure you get it just perfect from here on out if you wanted to, but I didn’t. I was lazy again and chose to fold it over twice to figure out where the second and third hooks should go.
drop cloth curtain panels hung with drapery rings
Then, I used the placement of those for the last two. And voila! Ready to hang!

I recently decided to redecorate the playroom into a more “industrial” style than colorful/vintage, so I have started by redoing the curtains. You can check out the one I had made previously here, but I was never happy with it (so much so that I never made the other).

I finally figured out why…it was way too short! I don’t know what I was thinking, plus I just got really tired of seeing the polk-a-dots from the living room (and I know that my kids don’t mind either way), so out went the old and in went the new…

drop cloth curtains hung in playroom
I am debating about spray painting gray horizontal stripes on the bottom, but we will see. If I do, I will definitely share here.
I did things a differently for the curtains in the living room because they were going on industrial piping. I will try to share how we did that another day. It is a bit trickier because you have to get the rings on the pipe before you hang it on the wall.
drop cloth curtains hung on diy industrial pipe rod
Since both of these rooms are directly across from each other, I am really loving having the same curtains to unify them. I think I will also be replacing the playroom curtain rods with industrial piping, because I not only love the look, but the rings slide on them so much better than traditional rods (which the rings get stuck on when trying to open and close the curtains). Will share progress of the playroom as it comes together!
UPDATE 11/19/15: I don’t know if Lowe’s still carries this brand of drop cloths. The Blue Hawk brand is specific to Lowe’s. Here are some other canvas drop cloths (affiliate link*) to check out, although I don’t know how the would compare to these in color and texture as I have not used any other brand.
I do not have a tutorial for the industrial pipe rods. My husband purchased the individual components and had the rods cut to size at Lowe’s.
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Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  • Rhonda Vaudt

    I've always wondered how they would look as curtains, I needed an idea for my husband's home office, and these would look so good! Thanks for sharing! BTW, love the idea of using pipe as curtain rods.

  • Burlap Luxe

    Oh wow!
    I never tire of my drop cloth panels /curtains hanging in two rooms of my home, the living room and kitchen, yet your way would and could have been way more easier on me! But I did do some sewing to them… A simple cuff 4 inch rod pocket straight stitch and they were done…

    I love your industrial curtain rod would have loved this in my home, yet I had industrial eyelet rings welded from my iron welder and I used oak closet rods that I washed with a hint of grey paint to driftwood the effect. I never tire of them. Alice you are so going to enjoy that your drop cloth curtains will work and blend with every change in your home.

    See you soon beautiful.
    Now I am off to paint.


    • Alice Wingerden

      Thanks! Yes, me too…I think I could have these curtains in almost every room 🙂 I have been wanting to make some pillows with them too! Maybe one day when I find the time!

  • Seawashed

    Drop cloths are wonderful for so many things, aren't they? I love the texture of them. I have a feeling that the hardware stores are going to raise the price one day though! They look perfect in your home as curtains. Love your industrial pipe for the rod…and industrial light…we have three just like it. LOVe.

  • Jeanette@Creating A Life

    I did these same curtains in my dining room awhile back and I love them! The cut edge on mine is on the outside edge of each panel, and I didn't hem mine either 🙂 Yay for lazy! haha I can't wait to try out drop cloths for other projects now (I know, I'm so behind everyone else)
    I LOVE the industrial look of your pipe curtain rod!

  • Pinehurst Farm

    Soo cute and quick! I hate that I recently bought custom burlap curtains for my dining room and paid a lot for them.I could have done the drop cloth ones myself and I think I would like it much better!! Live and learn!!


  • lala

    Fantastic look – I am so going to do this in a guest bedroom where I have never been happy with my drapery choice. You have shown this to be totally doable – I love projects like this, so easy an not at all intimidating! Thanks so much for sharing this, you really made my day!

  • Anonymous

    Oh bless your heart, thank you! I have two HUGE windows in my living room, so replacing the curtains has been cost-prohibitive. This might actually be doable!

  • foxglove

    May I ask what color gray paint you used on the wall? It is in the picture with the drop cloth curtain on the industrial style rod. Please and thanks, my mind has gone numb researching paint colors… Thanks for inspiration on soon to happen teen guy room : )

  • Juli

    What did you do about the seam in the middle? My 6×9 drop cloths have a seam. Is it in yours and you just can't tell by the picture?

    • Alice Wingerden

      The link to the exact ones I used are in the post where I mention Lowe's – they are 4×15 and do not have a seam, but I did cut them in half to have two. They're the Bluehawk brand available only at Lowe's I believe.

    • Michelle Welch

      My cloths have seams. I pressed my cloths after bleaching and partially drying. I wanted them damp so ironing wouldn't be so difficult. The fabric was not perfect, so I am willing to be ok with the grain of the fabric not being perfectly even. Remember these are drop cloths, so they are cheap and made for work use. Go with the casual look and you will love them. I do!

  • Leeskid2

    I recently made the drop cloth curtains for my back porch and we absolutely love them! No local Lowe's, so Home Depot was our stop. I purchased 2 of the 6×9 and 2 of the 12 x 9. When I got home I discovered the 12 x 9 were actually 2 of the 6×9 sewn together, which meant a seam down the middle! Oh well. I used them and they worked very well. I used the PRO style. I used 1/2" conduit for the curtain rods and left the ends open. My husband was skeptical, but willing to help. He was very happy with the results! I'm still on the hunt for finials. I folded the excess in length over, but plan to cut & clean finish the curtains. Will also trim up the excess cloth and use as "valance" in front of the curtains. I'm hoping my granddaughter & I can stencil them after the holidays. I purchased some "rope" to use for tie backs. I have also purchased a pair of curtains on clearance at Wal-Mart to cut and use as valances. This will let me "decorate" as the mood strikes me! One note, I have experienced the mold issue and I am currently looking for some type of treatment to prevent this. Not sure if "Scotchguard" will work. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! I have pictures of the work in progress (before cutting off excess) but no idea how to share on here.

  • Bethany Norwood

    Where did you purchase the drop cloths? I did this for my daughters room and got the drop cloths at Lowes but they are a bit more taupe and I like the grayish/white of these better =)


    • Alice Wingerden

      I purchased the Blue Hawk brand at Lowe's. I noticed the link no longer worked in my post, however, so maybe they don't carry them anymore? I have only ever used the Blue Hawk brand so I am not sure of any others that would look similar in texture and color. Sorry for any inconvenience! I did update the post with a link to canvas drop cloths on Amazon but again, I am not sure how they would compare.

  • Noelle Hotaling

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. Totally going to do this in my dining room! Did you ever end up painting stripes on them? I have a tan valence right now and would probably want to keep that up with the panels. I had seen tan striped panels at Target but they are so expensive and I would have no idea how to go about painting them. Any ideas?

  • Michelle Welch

    I made a pair of new drapes for my living room today from 6×9 ft drop cloths from lowes and three sets of antique brass clip hangers that were on sale for $5 a box. For a total investment of $25 I have new curtains that look fresh and light. I bleached my drop cloths because they were pretty stained out of the package. They turned out so pretty! These were not Blue Hawk brand, they were the cheapest ones they carried at Lowes.