Glam Christmas Throw Pillows {Holiday Thrift Store Challenge}

A few weeks ago, I invited several of my blogging friends to participate with me in a challenge: spend under $25 at a thrift store to create unique Christmas decor, either by giving the items purchased a makeover or including them in a creative vignette. I was thrilled when 29 lovely bloggers got on board with me and am so excited for the inspiration we have to share today! You will find all of their projects listed at the end of this post and are going to love the creative ideas these ladies came up with!

I came up with this challenge after a trip to the Salvation Army, when I found two gaudy, black Christmas sweaters. Even though I wouldn’t wear them as is, I was drawn to their glitz and glam, which is when I decided they would make the perfect throw pillows for my holiday decor this season. 

 I am going for a sort of “eclectic boho glam cabin” look this year <—-if that could even be considered a style? Well anyhoo…

So there I was perusing the aisles of Salvation Army when I found these two “beauties”. It was “Family Day” when I was there and every tag color, but one, was 50% off…jackpot! I scored both of these together for about $6.

They both had shoulder pads, which were the first things to go, along with the sleeves.

Both also had lots of beading, which I had to work carefully around with my cutting and sewing. Some of the beads had to be removed that were in the way. I didn’t want to risk breaking a needle with them!

I am not an expert with the sewing machine by any stretch of the imagination and usually just make it up as I go along. I figured they didn’t have to be perfect, since they aren’t “cozy up with and take a nap pillows” but rather “sit on a chair and look pretty” pillows. I gave one some pom pom trim on the edges, which was probably the most difficult part.

I chose to make these into envelope style that close in the back – the simplest for me and then they are easily removable. I kept the front hems in tact and used them to fold over to the back.
It felt really good when that first pillow was done and worked out!
I was even more eager for the second one to be done, since I love the design on it so much. I decided not to add any trim to that one and just keep it simple. 

I was so happy with how they both turned out and glad that I took the plunge that day at the thrift store. Now, just to decide where to put them for the holiday season! They will probably travel from room to room.

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