Top Ten Posts of 2014

Today I am giving you a recap of my top ten posts from 2014! Last year around this time, I shared my personal favorite top ten posts from 2013, since I hadn’t done much blogging that year. This past year was a lot different as I blogged regularly and turned my blog into a small creative career. So today I am sharing my top posts determined by you the readers (based on pageviews).

I hope you enjoy these posts if you haven’t yet seen them!

My Coffee Filter Angel Wings seem to be my claim to fame so far and bring me new readers every single day (thank you Pinterest!). I can’t believe this tutorial has over 47,000 pageviews and has been pinned over 60,000 times. Crazzzzy. It is my number one most viewed post of 2014.

Last spring, I shared my second most viewed post, a Simple Banana Bread Recipe {without baking soda}, honestly just because I thought maybe one other person out there might need it some day. I even questioned posting it at the time. Who knew it would bring me traffic from Google week after week? I still can’t believe that many people want to know how to make banana bread without baking soda!
My third most viewed post is one of my favorite projects. That would be the DIY Printable Christmas Village that I hand drew right before the holiday season. This one is special to me because I was so nervous to share it thinking people might not “get it,” but it turns out you guys love it! I was constantly getting tagged on Instagram and being sent emails with pictures of people sharing how they displayed it over the holidays. That really warmed my heart. 
My fourth most viewed post was not too surprising to make the top ten and that was my Holiday Home Tour 2014. It was a very exciting post because I got to be part of Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk for the first time, which was a dream come true!
Number five was my Five Minute No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains. I still have these up in the living room and still love them!
The sixth most viewed post last year was my Embellished Fabric Pumpkins for Fall. The fur ones seemed to be the favorite and they are mine as well.
Number seven was my Rustic Fall Mantel with a Free Printable. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons to decorate for!
Number eight was a Rustic Valentine’s Love Banner that I made last year around this time. It is easy and quick and involves no sewing. People always love that 😉
Number nine on the list is my Fall Home Tour 2014 which is another personal favorite. It was the first time I shared a fall home tour on my blog!
And finally, my tenth most viewed post was another surprise to me and that would be my Herringbone Arrow Mini Wall Shelf that was part of the #SwapItLikeItsHot challenge. This was featured on a couple of big sites which was super exciting for me!
So those are my top ten posts of 2014! Some were definite surprises to me. It will no doubt be exciting to see what resonates with viewers in the New Year!
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