Whimsical Thread Spool Garland

After a long, much needed blogging break I am back! A lot happened over the holiday. Some glad, but there was a tone of sadness over it when we found out my uncle was diagnosed with cancer the day before Christmas Eve and he doesn’t have much time left. And then we lost my grandmother on January 6th. She was not in great health, but it was very quick and unexpected just the same. It has been a rough few weeks for my entire extended family…prayers are welcomed!

I am now easing back into blogging and wanted to start with a post that I worked on before my break but never got around to sharing. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this new year, but with more balance and less pressure than I felt near the end of last year.

Today, I have an easy and whimsical diy project for you: a thread spool garland that I made with my children in mind. Originally, I had planned to use it for a small Christmas tree in the playroom, but ended up preferring it on its own. I simply hung it from a peg rack on my daughter Hazel’s side of the bedroom mixed with a few Christmas touches.

This garland is fairly easy to make – you just need to get enough vintage thread spools. I purchase these any time I find them at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. I can never get enough of them and use them for both sewing and repurposing.

What you will need:
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-Several vintage thread spools – I used mainly white with a few pastels, browns and grays thrown in. I also added a few plain wooden ones.
Natural and colorful wooden beads

hemp cordcut the length of garland that you desire to make
-Optional: plastic needle

The hardest part with this garland, is dealing with loose thread on the spools. I tried to make sure each one was pulled tight into the slit on the spool, but if the slit was broken or a spool didn’t have one, I just trimmed up the thread when I was finished. If you aren’t messing around with it a lot once displayed, it really isn’t a bother.

To begin, I tied the hemp cord tight around a wooden bead.

I didn’t have a large plastic needle on hand, but my husband had the brilliant idea to use a finishing nail to get the cord through each spool. It worked perfectly!

After that, I began adding thread spools alternating with the wooden beads. I varied the size and color of spools as well as the beads. You can really just have fun with this part and get creative. There are no rules!

As I worked at adding the thread spools and beads, I had to keep making sure the hemp cord didn’t get tangled. I would suggest working gently with it. The cord I use is fairly sturdy, but the garland got heavy after a little bit, and I didn’t want it snapping after all of that hard work! Once I was finished, I tied the cord around another wooden bead a few times very tightly.

I based the length on how it was going to fit on our little tree in the playroom, even though it didn’t end up there. I did try it out on it first though.

I thought it was cute on the tree, but felt like I wanted to keep it more simple and display it on its own, which is how it ended up on the peg rack.

It works not only for Christmas but all year long. I love how it has a touch of vintage with a whimsical feel.

I kept the Christmas decor to a minimum in the kids’ room this year, but did add a few other festive elements to this vignette, including a snowman ornament, snowflake, and little “Think Snow” pillow.

You could always use seasonal colors to make this garland for specific holidays like white, pink and red for Valentine’s day! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you are enjoying a wonderful 2015 so far! 

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~Alice W.

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