Boho Chic Thrift Store Placemat Throw Pillow

Last February, I had the privilege of guest posting for me sweet friend Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling. I shared a simple DIY tutorial on how I turned some dated, thrift store placemats into a cute, boho style throw pillow. Since, I am still just getting back into the swing of things since the death of my grandfather, I am resharing this post with you today. I hope to have some new posts for you next week!

Here is the original post:

I was thrilled when Amy asked me to guest post for her, as I am one of her biggest fans. I love the challenge of transforming what others may overlook or discard, into new and creative decor pieces. So, today, I have a fun project that I recently did turning inexpensive thrift store placemats into a cute bohemian style throw pillow.

I picked up these placemats from my favorite church thrift store. It was $5.00 bag sale day when I was there. My favorite! It might seem crazy that these southwestern, pastel placemats stood out to me when I saw them, but they did! They were screaming to be given a second chance. This style was probably all the rage in the eighties and early nineties, but most people aren’t decorating their dining tables with these anymore.

The pattern, however, is right on trend and one that I personally love. They also have great texture, so the wheels immediately started turning. I knew they would make great throw pillows, and the colors would go well in my daughter Hazel’s room.

I wanted to make them as simple as possible, and I liked the fringe on the edges, so I decided to simply sew the two together on the outside and stuff it. The pattern colors were different on the front and back, so I used one side of each for the pillow, so both could be seen once the pillow was complete.

I started by washing and drying the placemats, and then chose a coordinating thread. I went with a pale mint green.

I sewed up the two longer sides and one shorter side with a straight stitch. I also decided to do a zig zag stitch to make sure it stayed together well. Even though this part was going to be seen, it seemed to add to the design and texture. You could always use a more decorative stitch if preferred.

To finish it up, I decided to leave one side completely open and use polyester fiber fill to stuff it. I knew it would be trickier to get it sewn up on the machine, but I wanted to have freedom to get the stuffing nice and even without lumps.

I pinned up the open end and then this is where having a super helpful husband comes in handy. I had him hold the pillow for me, as I sewed it up. It worked out great and this pillow literally only took about twenty minutes to make.

If you like this idea and are out and about at thrift stores, flea markets or garage sales this spring, be on the lookout for placemats, thin rugs, or fabrics with great patterns and textures. Even if their original purpose was something quite different, these items can often be transformed to something fresh and current, without the cost of buying new.
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Thank you Amy for letting me share this post on your lovely and creative blog!
Till next time…
~Alice W.

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