Living Room Redo with a New Leather Sofa

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I am so excited to share our mini living room makeover with you today! I have been working on it for awhile, ever since our new furniture from Raymour and Flanigan arrived. Then my grandfather died, and I lost all of my momentum. Life will do that to you. Right when you are going along thinking everything is just so…it changes. Your heart can be broken. And then needs time to mend. My grandpa was so special. Many days I still have a hard time believing he isn’t here anymore. It has gotten brighter, even though I am still missing him every day, but I am able to find joy again in simple things like rearranging and decorating. I say this is a “mini” makeover since it doesn’t look too different from the last time I shared a full tour of this space last fall, but there are several new things that I am excited to show you today!

As I mentioned, last Friday, I have been dreaming of a chesterfield leather sofa for ages, and can now say I am the proud owner of Raymour and Flanigan’s Saddler Leather Sofa. I am in love with it! When the delivery men dropped it off, I was semi freaking out inside. It’s one of those things I thought I would always dream of but never really have.

The pieces were delivered very fast, and my kids were waiting that day in anticipation. Then they were as shy as could be, hiding behind me, while the men brought our new pieces in. Once they left, Hazel and Owen, started right in making themselves at home with everything. Here are a couple of (terrible) cell phone shots I got that day…

Thankfully, my kids and husband love this sofa as well! My kids love jumping on it, of course, and I think my husband likes how it helps bring a bit more “manliness” to our space.

Since our kids are young, we decided to get the optional Platinum Protection that Raymour and Flanigan offered. It covers the sofa for five years with various types of damage. The perfect time span for us, since that should *hopefully* get us through the drawing on every surface stage and what not. (Seriously, I hope I am not the only one with drawings and stickers on an anything and everything?!)
It already has a worn in, slightly distressed look. That should help too. 
I gave the sofa some bohemian flare with kilim throw pillows and a cute saddle blanket (full source list at the end of this post). They definitely help warm up the leather and create the vibe I love.
Because we already had the Canyon Ridge couch and chair from Raymour and Flanigan that are only a couple of years old, I wasn’t ready to part with them just because we got a new sofa. They are my “cozy up and watch TV” pieces, while this is more of my “sit and chat over coffee” spot. That forced me to get creative with our space because our home is limited at only 1300 square feet. You walk right into the living room and across from that it is open to what we called the playroom/office. I decided to move the other two pieces in there as well as the TV and now I call it the “cozy TV den.” I will be sharing that space soon!
Moving all of that into the other room, left this room lacking, since I moved the rug and ottoman as well. I ended up finding another rug and ottoman to replace them and make this living room/sitting area come together. 
The cabinet and ladder in the corner had been there previously, so I put them back and added a rustic bench under the window. I threw a faux sheepskin over it and some more throw pillows to make it cozy. Now my kids have a cute spot to look out at the world.
This room was lacking for good low lighting as well and, honestly, has been ever since we moved in. I have a hard time finding lamps that work right for the space. Raymour and Flanigan to the rescue again! I fell in love with the Alton Swivel Table Lamp and it fit perfectly in this awkward corner. It has an oil rubbed bronze finish and I like that the style is flexible for eclectic, rustic and industrial decor. All of which I love. 
On Tuesday, I shared the distressed shelf, on the opposite side, that I brought into this space and how I decorated it with a real life, eclectic vibe. It’s functional but I also tried to make it look good with some cute accessories. Another thrift store lamp was added, on that side, along with a ceiling tile mirror that was actually the first birthday gift my husband ever gave me oh so long ago now! I love adding sentimental pieces to my spaces and if they are practical…even better.
I was able to talk my husband into buying us some new bamboo shades from Home Depot that I had fallen in love with. I really felt our windows were lacking with just the drop cloth curtains, but now these roman shades add another layer and texture to the room. The finish is “driftwood” which had to be special ordered and delivered, but so worth it! They go perfect with the sofa.

And if you are wondering why I don’t have any furniture placed opposite the ottoman (like a cool pair of chairs or something), it’s because I like to keep everything kid friendly and this is where my kids play and their little table and chair set resides most of the time.

They are busy, busy kids and need their space to run and play, so I like to keep it cleared here as much as I can.

(Take note of the sticker on the chair. See what I mean? EVERYWHERE! Ah, well.
So that is our mini living room makeover! Raymour and Flanigan has definitely helped me create the living room I have been hoping for. I am in love with every piece we have from there, and I am proud to be an #RFBloggers this year! You can get more inspiration from me and the good folks at Raymour and Flanigan on our shared Pinterest board House Updates with Thoughts from Alice. Hope you will give us a “follow” over there!
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Till next time…
~Alice W.
Living Room Source List:
(Contains some affiliate links*)
Wall Color – BM Revere Pewter
Saddler Leather Sofa – Raymour & Flanigan
Alton Swivel Table Lamp – Raymour & Flanigan
Driftwood Bamboo Shades – Home Depot
La Paz Kilim Pillow, Ivory
– Home Decorator’s Collection on Amazon* (Heads up on both of these – they are scratchy! Not cozy up with pillows, just cute to look at!)
Mohave Kilim Pillow, Ivory
– Home Decorator’s Collection on Amazon*
Rug – HomeGoods
Ottoman – HomeGoods
Kid’s Table & Chair Set – Wayfair
Mustard yellow throw blanket – Target
Yellow/Pink pottery – HomeGoods
Drop Cloth Curtains – Lowe’s
Industrial pipes as curtain rods – Lowe’s
Chandelier – Craigslist
Most everything else – antique shops, thrift stores, flea markets, hand-me-downs and garage sales!
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