Moments in Real Life {Using Photography to Find Beauty in the Every Day}

Sometimes I think there is just too much “put together perfectness” on the internet. And then we can start believing our messy, real life lives are less than. Not as good. Just don’t measure up. I do this. Often. Too often.

I remember telling my sister-in-law awhile back that when I look at my stove and it’s dirty, all that I hear inside my mind is “Failure!” As if it were a measure of judgment on my character. I feel that way when I see laundry piled up, toys strewn all over the living room, dishes overflowing in the sink, etc. A failure because every moment of my life doesn’t look picture perfect like the photos I scroll through on Pinterest and Instagram and blogs.

Her response to my messy stove, “I think it means you’re normal.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love those pictures. Heck, I even share those pictures. I am often very inspired by seeing those pictures. But after awhile…something else happens. I get off of my phone or computer, look around and feel disappointment. That this life I have here isn’t “all together” like it appears to be for others through those images. Those seconds when, an often staged, photograph was taken. Not real life.

This has inspired me to try something different. Something real.
I was inspired to grab my camera and take some shots of real life moments around our home. I have been trying to do it purposefully for the past few months. They may not be glamorous or Pinterest worthy…but maybe they are better. Because I can look back and remember….that’s how it really was. That was real.

I was originally inspired to do this after reading this post. It literally changed. my. life. No more letting the mundane every day go by without noticing the beauty in it. Without taking the time to remember it as it was. It will be gone so fast, after all.

So here are some moments I captured recently…

Mismatched bowls in the cupboard.
My morning sustenance. 
And morning sunshine.
Copper measuring cups and vintage miscellany in the kitchen.
Fresh parsley growing in the windowsill.
Patio lights between the dining room and kitchen.
Little Boy who sticks his tongue out at me when I take his picture over breakfast.

Old bottles and succulents in the upstairs hall window (a great spot for sunlight).

Upstairs bathroom in desperate need of of renovation. But as real life goes, it sits on our list of “someday.” Meanwhile, a friendly troll lives there to remind us it’s all good.

Where my kids enjoy their bubble baths.

And I sit to bathe them.

The upstairs bathroom is another great source of sunlight, so lots of plants live in there.

Little Girl with mismatched socks petting her horse.

Kids’ bedroom storage (note the artwork).

Either Olaf or Rubble put a cone on Rocky’s tail. I can just hear Ryder tapping his foot in displeasure.

Little Boy’s backpack.

Kids’ closet. I am a bit of a neurotic when it comes to hanging up their clothes. This is real. Shows my crazy.

Stuffed friends.

Boy side.

Girl side.

Horse family. All nuzzled together (arranged by Little Girl).

So there are some real life moments from our home. I hope to find the time to share posts like this more often.

Are you like me? Do you find yourself getting discouraged after scrolling on Pinterest, IG, blogs, etc. because you think everyone has it all together and you’re not even close? If so, I encourage you to try something similar. Look at your home from another angle. Put on another lens. Seek out the beauty in the every day. The mundane. The real life.

That’s where the good stuff is. The stuff that matters. The stuff you will want to remember.

Till next time…
~Alice W.

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  • Renee Bullock

    Alice, this is such a beautiful post and although these photos aren't staged or styled, they are beautiful. I think we all get wrapped up in feeling discouraged looking at beautiful images and wanting more than what we have. We miss out enjoying what is around us in that moment. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and your beautiful heart. Have a blessed day.

  • Ninny

    I'm just going to tell you ….. these photos ARE magazine worthy! This is the stuff awards are made for. This is real life and has so much LIFE shown in them.
    As I was scrolling through them and I saw the sunshine on the kitchen utensils, I planned my comment of "I love the shot of the morning sun coming through your kitchen window!" But then as I continued to scroll, I changed it to "That troll in the bathroom is awesome!". But then when I kept going it became, "The bathtub from above is a fantastic perspective!" and so, by this time, I decided that I just couldn't name them all and tell you specifically how great they are. But know this; THESE are fantastic blog photos. Really.

  • Blondie's Journal

    When your photography and subject matter are this beautiful it commands a whole new way of looking at things. You really are a great talent in so many areas. I have often feel like you, just when I think my home is 'getting there", I see a gorgeous home or room on a blog or IG. Before I get too down in the dumps, I remind myself that there will always be people that have more and less than me.

    The best thing is is that you are going to treasure these 'everyday' pictures of your kids, your life. Everything changes, everything evolves. Your babies will grow, the bathroom will get fixed up, but patience and living every moment to the fullest is what we need to hold on to. Really, nothing else matters.

    Jane xxx

  • Abby's Paperie Garden

    This may be one of the most poignant blog posts ever. I completely understand how you feel, I recently started my IG account and even though I am an accomplished career woman and published work in numerous magazines all of it is forgotten once I start scrolling through my IG feed and favorite blogs.Within a few minutes I find a more beautiful home, the perfect family, and the clever writer who has thousands of followers and I am left feeling like I don't measure up.Thankfully you were inspired to speak on behalf of the many women that feel just as you do, thank you so much. Your candor is so refreshing and inspiring!

  • Nicki

    These are so beautiful! I often find that the photography I'm most drawn to is of these real, imperfect moments- especially with children and families. There is something so nourishing about it. When I started my blog, I took a lot of "daily life" photos, but have shied away from that a bit because I felt they weren't good enough for a blog, and that people are more interested in projects and ideas. You've inspired me to revisit that again and push myself as an (amateur) photographer. Loved your vacation photos too!

  • Sheila Rumney

    Alice, what a wonderful post! Too often I too find myself seeing all the beautiful images and then not seeing them in the home that I live it. This has inspired me to look through another lense and really capture life in my home in photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • aspiritofsimplicity

    I love this! And, I am dumbfounded by the shampoo bottles on the edge of the tub like that. We have a claw foot tub as well and I have never thought of doing that! Now, if only I can remember it till the next time I take a shower.

  • Pieced Pastimes

    You have captured the quiet beauty of real life in such a wonderful way. Your words and images serve as a gentle reminder to breathe in the simple moments of every day. Life is far too short, to miss any part of it.

  • Tara Lehman

    Alice, I don't know what to say other than I love everything about his post! Your pictures are beautiful and perfect. I often forget what life really looks like and I love the true honest glimpse of yours. What a perfect reminder to stop and see the beauty of the everyday not just the beauty of the staged perfection. Thank you.

  • s.duane

    Hi Alice, I love this post. I can tell you I feel that way often. When there is a house full of kids and their shoes, their sports equipment and dishes everywhere! But I love it all as imperfect as it may be. I don't think my kids will ever say they couldn't enjoy our home!

  • Elaine Foley

    Great shots showing real life. Glad to hear it is not always picture perfect. I had someone write on my blog that they thought I led an exciting life. If they only knew….

  • Lesha

    I am in love with this post! Too often we get so caught up in trying to be or look "perfect" when in truth, it isn't possible. Life happens and I believe you documented yours very well! Beautiful pictures and beautiful kiddos. 🙂