A Cottage Style Summer Vignette {a look back to 2009}

Since I haven’t had a lot of time to decorate for summer lately (other than the small bit I did on our front porch recently), I thought I would share a vignette from our former townhouse that I set up the summer of 2009. Decorating was basically my life then. I lived for creating these vignettes. Not a whole lot of time (or space) for them these days…but it is still a passion.

Life was sure easy back then. It is very different now and a lot harder in some ways, but I wouldn’t go back. I love spending my days with the little ones and even though that means less time doing the things I used to do regularly, it is worth it. I hope you enjoy this “look back” at my cottage style summer vignette…

At the time, I didn’t appreciate the open concept layout as much as I would now. I wanted walls to decorate back then, but the dining room and living room were open to each other. I would die for that now! Funny how things change. The area for this vignette was right in the middle of the two spaces.

I filled this vignette with vintage finds, cottage decor, handmade creations and summer touches.

I made and sold the altered bottles shown here in the online shop I ran back then. They are still some of my favorite art creations.

It wouldn’t be a summer vignette without seashells and sand dollars…  

Looking back on these photos does make me nostalgic for that time. When it was just him and me and our little dog. Collecting things. Decorating. Rearranging. It was a special time in life.

Taking the time to look through these is also giving me the itch to finally do some summer decorating now. My mantel has been taken over with a certain (now) four year old’s “Frozen” birthday decor, but since the party is over, perhaps it’s time to change it out for summer! I guess I better get at it…before fall arrives…

Till next time…
~Alice W.

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