DIY Felt Deer Antler Headband

When my daughter Hazel turned two, she was so fascinated with deer that we threw her a whimsical, woodland themed deer party for her birthday. I made her a sweet little felt antler headband to wear that day and always intended to share how I did it here. As life goes, it didn’t happen, but I am finally sharing it now. Two years later…

I receive emails from time to time from other moms who want to make a similar antler headband but don’t know how. If you are one of them reading this…my apologies for the delay in this post (bad blogger!). I have tried my best to explain how I made it in reply emails, but pictures always help, don’t they? It is really a very simple diy project that only requires minimal materials. I am including a free antler shape template at the end of this post to make it even easier!

Here is what you will need:
Headband (I used one by Goody that I picked up at Walmart. It was soft and flexible.)
Felt (I used off white)
Bit of stuffing
Millinery or fabric flowers (I purchased mine on Etsy)

Begin by printing out the template provided below and cutting out the antlers. Or draw out your own! Trace two of each onto the felt and then cut with sharp scissors. These ones were approximately 3 1/2 to 4″ long.

I chose to keep this simple by making it a “no sew” project. I hot glued around the inside edge of each antler, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.
Since the antlers I chose to make were small (intended for my two year old), only a tiny bit of stuffing was needed. I used a wooden skewer to fill it and then finished gluing the side section of the antler, leaving about a half to a quarter inch flap open on each piece at the bottom. At this point, you may need to trim up the antlers to make sure they line up together after being glued.

Next, simply glue each antler to the headband, wrap the two flaps underneath and glue in place. If you want to make larger antlers, you may need to insert thick wire in each antler and wrap it around the headband before gluing the bottom flaps of the felt.

Finish by adorning with flowers. I cut the stems off of the millinery flowers and glued three on each side. I especially love the look and texture of flocked, vintage millinery flowers.
That’s it! It was really very simple and then you have a cute pair of diy felt antlers!
My daughter Hazel actually loved wearing this headband and still does to this day. It is whimsical and sweet and perfect for a party or playtime.

Since Hazel was our “little fawn”, I chose a light brown dress with polka-dots for her to wear to the party. Everyone couldn’t get over how adorable our little “deer” was.

Please note: this template is offered for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not for selling of any kind.
Thank you!

Till next time…

~Alice W.

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