Moments in Real Life No. 2 {a photography challenge}

Last week, I began a new series called “Moments in Real Life.” This series is all about using your camera to find beauty in the every day all around you. Not staging the scene, but looking deeply at the one in front of you, to see if you could find a moment worth remembering. Something beautiful in it. Something real. Since my life is pretty deep down in the real these days, I thought I would pop in here and share round two already and challenge you to join me…

I encourage you to start your own journey if you are a person like me, who struggles with comparison from time to time. We are bombarded with the picture perfect all the time. Why not take the time to find the perfect in the picture? The real perfect. The perfect love. The love of your family, your life, the glorious every day details all around you. The stuff that makes you you. And your family special. That is my hope to accomplish as I embark down this road. And at the end of this post, I have a fun challenge that allows you to join in and share with me.

Here are some moments I captured around our home recently. I hope you are inspired by these little moments to find some in your own dwelling…

Propagating succulents and watching the new little plants grow.

Enjoying the view.

Growing sunflower seeds in recycled containers in the windowsill.

Claiming their own.

Candy or tea anyone? (Where we really keep our “Dad’s Stache” jar.)

Dress up corner for a girly girl.

Little Boy vignette (with some googley-eyed pet rock monsters he made).

The Brave Little Toaster wins the race (wasn’t much competition between the turtle and two-dimensional horse).

Boots eagerly anticipating puddles.

Laundry day.

Bed unmade…as it goes most days.

That is all for this week! I would love to know if you join in with me on this journey! If you are on instagram just tag me @thoughtsfromalice (so that I know you are playing along) and add the hashtag #momentsinreallife within your post. I will start featuring some that catch my eye in my own feed! If you aren’t on instagram, please feel free to email me your photos or do your own “Moments in Real Life” blog post and let me know. I would love to share a reader submitted round-up here to feature some of my favorites (giving full credit of course!). Can’t wait to see your moments in real life and be encouraged and inspired by them.

Till next time…
~Alice W.

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