Log Cabin Home Tour: Living Room & Porch

Last month when my family went to the Adirondacks, we had the pleasure of staying at a beautiful private log home. I previously shared the kitchen and dining room in this post, but today, I am excited to bring you back inside to tour the comfortable living room and serene cabin porch.

Upon entering the cabin, the living room was off to the left. No frills or fancy vaulted ceilings or stone fireplace like what you might imagine when you hear “log home”, but it was very inviting and had a mix of relaxed and eclectic pieces. It truly felt like a home.

If you are a regular here, you might know how much I love leather sofas (I have one in my own living room). This one was just right for sinking in with some cozy pillows. 
The chair and half was extra cozy too and perfect for cuddling up. Which I got to do with my little man, Owen, while we were there. He loves to cuddle with his mama.
I love this style of accent chair too and wouldn’t mind a pair similar to this in my own living room one day. The stairs were unique in that they had no side rails. I would have opted for them for safety reasons of course! 
There was a cozy nook in the back corner. I loved all the little surprises this home had to offer. I could really style this place up if given the chance! 
I talked about the see-through fireplace in my post about the dining room. It was definitely one of my favorite features, but too hot at the time for us to get the chance to use it.
The kids enjoyed all of the toys available for their enjoyment while we stayed. And let me tell you, there were tons! It rained one day and we didn’t get out much but they never got bored or complained about being stuck inside. Too much to see and do in this place.

A pair of doors on the far wall led you straight out to the beautiful porch. 

It was probably everyone’s favorite spot in the whole cabin. So peaceful and relaxing and who doesn’t love a porch swing?
It would definitely be a dream of mine to have one of those to sit on with the kids every day and watch the world go by.
That was a glimpse into the living room and porch from the rental log cabin that we stayed in. I hope you enjoyed the tour! I have one more tour of the cabin to give in the next few weeks…I’m saving the BEST for last. The master bedroom was truly a dream. I can’t wait to show you all the details soon!
Till next time…
~Alice W.

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