The Perfect Casual Seating Solution for Small Space Decorating

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Small spaces can be some of the hardest to decorate. My living room has driven me all levels of crazy ever since we moved into this home in 2010 because of its awkward layout and small size. I am constantly rearranging pieces and swapping things in and out trying to find the solution to the design dilemma it poses.

Providing extra seating has been the trickiest problem for me. I can get a couch in here, but beyond that, I haven’t known what to do. This has been the situation for several months, and today I am excited to share the perfect solution I found!

When Joshua and I got married and were making our home together in a one bedroom apartment, I struggled with knowing how to pull it together for both of us and make it comfortable for guests. I only cared about form back then and purchasing vintage.

Our first living room was a hot mess of hand me downs and thrifted finds with a dilapidated, dark green wicker love seat taking center stage. When people would sit on it, green paint chips would fall all over the carpet, so I was constantly vacuuming after anyone dared take a seat.

That didn’t last too long, and while our next piece was an improvement, it still didn’t cut it long term. I found a $50 vintage sofa and fell in love with the yellow brocade fabric and wood trim. As far as comfort went however…there wasn’t much of that to speak of. Additional seating in the room was comical at best with broken down chairs found on the roadside or given to us. We would keep them until they were unusable and then replace with another that would eventually meet the same fate. People would constantly ask, “Is it safe to sit on this?” Umm…at your own risk…

It wasn’t until we purchased this home that we decided to venture into a furniture store for the first time to buy something brand new. My thought was that I wouldn’t be able to find “new” pieces that fit my style.  I assumed they would all be beautiful to look at but not comfortable or quite the opposite: really comfortable with no style whatsoever. So not true.

It has taken some time, but through the years I have learned to bridge the gap between form and function and create a space that is warm, inviting and true to my style.

After choosing a sofa for our current living room arrangement, I have still struggled with what to place opposite of it. The room is oddly shaped to start: it’s more of a square than rectangle with doorways or windows on every wall. The front door opens directly into it, so the walking path needs to stay somewhat clear. I have left the space opposite the sofa empty forever, not knowing what to do. How could I possibly find something to make this room comfortable, stylish and work in this awkward space?

Our living room is on the casual side with a rustic, bohemian style, so finding something that fit that vibe was ideal. A pair of chairs seems like a good design idea, but for the life of me, I could not figure out a way to make it work that didn’t disrupt the natural flow of the room.

While browsing accent pieces by Jonathan Louis, I spotted the Evan Pouf Ottoman. I have been dreaming of some cool ottomans for awhile. The dimensions of this particular one are taller than a foot rest ottoman, which made me realize it could be the answer to my dilemma.

A pair seemed like the best idea because they could be placed across from the couch to offer additional seating and give me the look I was going for to finish off the space. They are soft and comfortable making them perfect for lounging or using as a traditional ottoman. They can also easily be moved out of the way when needed, making them ideal for this small space.

My favorite part about these ottomans is that they are available in a variety of different fabrics. I ordered three swatches and decided on one that fit our living room’s eclectic bohemian style called, “Mesilla Sunset.” The colors blend in perfectly with the other pieces in the room and I love the extra layer they bring to the room with their pattern and texture.

Problem finally solved…form meets function in our living room!

These ottomans are definitely high quality and I can tell by the construction they are made to last. Something our first furniture pieces could not boast. The Jonathan Louis brand not only offers pouf ottomans but also beautiful sectionals, sofas, swivel chairs, armchairs, other accent chairs, storage benches, storage and cocktail ottomans, headboards and lots more.

Whatever your furniture needs, be on the lookout for the Jonathan Louis name when shopping! They are available at retailers like Macy’s, Living Spaces, ZGallerie, and other local furniture stores nationwide. I even spotted several of their furniture pieces at Raymour & Flanigan where we frequent. To find a dealer near you, check out the site here: Jonathan Louis Dealer Locator

You can browse hundreds of swatches online and even order swatches to help with inspiration and planning like I did. Click here to see the available swatches: Jonathan Louis Swatch Request

I am really thrilled with how this room has come together with these two pouf ottomans, and I’m so glad that I no longer have furniture I have to vacuum up after anymore like those early days. If you are just starting out as newlyweds or first time home buyers, don’t be hesitant to invest in high quality furniture for your home. Looking back, I know we should have taken the plunge much sooner!
Source List & Similar Items
(List contains affiliate links and some items received through brand partnership.)

Pouf Ottomans // custom made in “Mesilla Sunset” from Jonathan Louis
Saddler Leather Sofa // Raymour & Flanigan
Coffee Table // rustic crate purchased at a local antique store (here is a rustic crate that would make a great coffee table!)
Moroccan Wool Shag Rug
Home Decorator’s Collection bamboo shades // Home Depot
Kilim pillows – Miss Dilaa or search Etsy
Yellow Chenille Throw
Faux fur pillows // DIY from fabric found at JoAnn’s (similar here)
Fiddle leaf fig fabric basket // Target
Vintage chandelier // Craigslist (similar here)
Brass pharmacy lamp // thrift store (similar here)
Beaded shell chandelier/wind chime // gift shop in Myrtle Beach (similar here)
Wall Color // Glidden ‘Antique White’
The New Bohemians
Bohemian Modern
Modern Rustic
French Home

Most everything else are thrift store scores and/or one of a kind finds!

Till next time…
~Alice W.

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