Neutral Bohemian Home Accents

I have always been a fan of neutral decor regardless of any current style trends. Neutral, in my mind, meaning a white, cream, tan, brown, gray and black color palette. Even as my style has evolved from rustic farmhouse to more eclectic bohemian in the past couple of years, I still find myself drawn to neutrals and love having them surround my home, now often punctuated with more colorful pieces. I am also a huge fan of texture. Neutrals + texture = pure heaven in my book!

Today, I am sharing some of my favorites pieces that fit the bill. I have several of these pieces in my own home so you can see first hand how I have incorporated them to fit my style.

This post contains some affiliate links and tracking links for products previously received. I have not been compensated for this post, but may receive a small commission for sales made through the affiliate links.

One of my favorite purchases from last year was the Lark Manor Marguerite rug. It was in our living room for awhile like in the photo below, but is currently in our kitchen.

I love everything about this sweet little rug (except one real life detail for you: it does tend to collect lots of dust/dirt in the little openings, so cleaning it regularly is a must to keep it looking cute. But I love the vibe it adds to any room that it is in so it’s worth the extra effort.)

Another favorite decor find from the previous year was the Bohemian Elegance table lamp from Raymour & Flanigan. I received a pair of these, and love the statement they make in our living room. They are on the large scale, which makes them perfect for our low profile vintage record console. (Click here to see more details from my fall home tour last year.)

When I spotted the Mohave and La Paz Kilim pillows from Home Decorators on Amazon last year, I immediately had to have them. I knew they would look great on our dark leather sofa.

Word of caution about these though if you intend to buy them…they really are “just for looks” pillows as the front Kilim fabric is very scratchy. My kids loathe these pillows! But alas...this wannabe interior stylist mama loves em.

They move around a lot in our home. I even put them outside sometimes when the weather is nice. You can see more details from our porch here.

I found the Apache Saddle Blanket at the same time as the pillows and was instantly smitten. It sits on our leather sofa to give it some extra texture and warmth. It is small, thick and purely decorative – almost like a low pile rug (not to be confused for a throw blanket). I showed it from several angles in this previous post.
Sheepskin rugs are perfect neutral bohemian decor pieces since they can be used in so many different ways. I have used our faux Tejn rug by Ikea (found on Amazon) as a bench cover, a small floor accent rug, draped over chairs. You name it. Love this rug. 
Okay…antlers and bull/deer skulls….I know, I know….some people really hate them. I get it. But, I honestly do love the look they add to bohemian/rustic decor. I don’t have any bull horns as of yet, but they are on my list of wants. I do like the cast versions offered on Wayfair and might splurge one of these days. 
My step-dad has found several deer skulls during walks in the woods and lets me “borrow them” – indefinitely ha – to use in my decorating. (No joke: sometimes I hear Gaston from Beauty and the Beast in my head, singing…“I use antlers in all of my decoraaaatttting…”) I do tend to use them a lot, like this post of my fall front porch last year…
And in this photo that I recently shared on Instagram. It’s my new bedroom makeover in the works! (You’ll have to wait a bit for that one though….there’s still lots to do!)
Plants, plants, plants. Gotta love em (or hate em). I have worked hard the past few years to grow a green thumb. I am kind of obsessed with looking up care info for them and making sure I am getting them adequate sunlight and finding them the “perfect” spot and NOT over watering them. 
All of the ones that I have (that have survived anyway) are pretty tolerant and are mostly in the cacti & succulent families. They don’t mind when I neglect them. Probably love it in fact. It was all the ones I doted on too much, thinking they were so thirsting, that hated me and went to plant heaven. Sorry Guys. I miss you.

I love finding vintage planters and neutral ones are typically my favorite. That’s why these faux Southwest desk top plants from Wayfair stood out to me. Plus you can keep them “alive” forever (without doing a thing) if you are afraid your thumb isn’t green enough. I do love the benefits of live plants for purifying the air though, so I encourage anyone to give it a go! If this reformed plant killer can do it…anybody can. Trust me.

Here are some enjoying time in our living room…I won’t lie…I do move them around a lot for decorating and as photo props 🙂

I am pretty obsessed with poufs and small ottomans. I am always spotting different ones that I love. But how many does one really need you know? Sigh. The ones that I have currently aren’t very neutral…definitely more on the trendy side, but I do enjoy them. You can see them here. I would love to add a few more around the house that are smaller and neutral in color like this chevron pouf from Target. 
(and just for the sake of all those who ask…the “coffee table” is an old crate from an antique store.)
Along with poufs, I love small wooden benches and footstools. I have a couple, but none like this beauty by Nate Berkus for Target. I love it. 

Mine were found at thrift stores and they move about our home often taking up residence somewhere new every couple of weeks.

I will be easing back into blogging next week, striving for at least one post a week besides the link party! I have been on a small hiatus since the holidays to spend time with the kids (who are 3 and 4 and growing up right before my very eyes every single moment). I don’t want to miss a second of it, so I am striving to strike a balance once again as a stay at home mom and blogger with a passion for sharing my creative ideas, decorating and thoughts with the world. Not holding myself to any pressure has really helped 🙂 Thanks to those of you who continue to follow me month after month and year after year! You mean the world to me.
Till next time…
~Alice W.
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