DIY Miniature Faux Fur Vanity Stool

Okay, so I will freely admit it…I am hooked on miniatures right now. The Dollhouse Therapy Challenge has gotten me so motivated, not only to get our dollhouse renovated, but to make lots of lovely little creations for it. Today, I am sharing a super easy DIY vanity stool that could work for a dollhouse (or Barbie if you prefer like my Hazel does).

If you are a die hard miniaturist this is obviously not to 1:12 scale, but for our purposes, it works. The little dresser we have is actually smaller scale and the stool is probably a bit larger. Our dollhouse, that I shared a “before” of here, was a handmade yard sale find and wasn’t made to scale anyways, so we aren’t bothered a little mixing and matching. Goes with the whole “eclectic vibe” we are going for anyways.

When I was little my mom was always giving my sister and me these little plastic pizza savers (affiliate link*) and calling them “Barbie tables” so that is what they are to us. Every time we see one, we still call them Barbie tables. My mom gave me a few recently when I started working on our dollhouse, and this was one of the first ideas that came to mind!

I had also just gotten some new makeup that came with a powder puff I wasn’t going to use. I immediately thought…faux fur vanity cushion!

But I didn’t want to just keep the stool white. I had to jazz it up a little, which is where some Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint (affiliate link*) came in. The weather has been so nice this past week (yay! spring is coming!), so I couldn’t wait to get outside and spray paint something. I have been dying to do this all winter, and this was my first little project.

I simply flipped over the little table and gave it a couple of quick coats, letting it dry in between. I wasn’t worried about the top since the cushion was going on it.

The powder puff was simply hot glued to the top. It was an exact fit.

Since I wanted it to look like the cushion wrapped around the seat, I hot glued the edges down underneath. And that was it! Super easy.

We have been getting a head start on this dollhouse…making plans and purchasing things here and there to get ready for Dollhouse Therapy which officially begins in April. The unicorn statue and tiny vintage camera are from whom we have partnered with for the challenge. Love everything on their site! I am completely obsessed with miniatures and could spend all day looking at them.

The wooden dresser was a recent flea market find and the perfume bottle was another diy project (also not to scale! I made it for Elsa 😉

Speaking of Elsa, Hazel really prefers the vanity stool to be for her castle (affiliate link*) that has a bed that transforms into a vanity. She insisted I take pictures of her using it to show you. So…here you go. Enjoy. Don’t mind her looking like a hot mess with frizzy hair and dirt on her face. I don’t know what she has been up to.

I have so many more DIY miniature projects up my sleeve and have already made quite a few rugs, some Kilim style pillows, lots of plants, a boho coffee table and even some steer horns for the boy’s room. Will share more soon!

If you love miniatures as much as I do, be sure to come back in April for Dollhouse Therapy and join myself, Primitive & Proper, Nalle’s House and SemiGlossDesign! We have a $100 giveaway to in June! There is still time to get out and get yourself a dollhouse or build one if you want to join in.

*This post may contain some affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for any sales made through them. Full disclosure.

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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