DIY Monster’s Inc. Birthday Party

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One of the things I am notoriously bad at here on this little blog of mine, is posting my children’s birthday parties relatively soon after the event. My son Owen turned three last September…and we had a fun Monster’s Inc. party for him. He is obsessed with Monster’s Inc. and Monster’s University! I wish I had shared this sooner, but alas…better late than never, right?

I must admit, I completely missed sharing his second birthday party here, which was a super cool car party. {Insert embarrassed emoji face here} Maybe one day I still will. Till then…here is how we did it up for him turning the big three!

Making party decorations is hands down one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love creating a themed event and getting it all “just so” with lots of fun details for my little ones.

I collected a lot of ideas on Pinterest for this party and planned to make as much as I could. Then my mom went out and bought up just about every Monster’s Inc. and Monster’s University related item she could find, so it was a combination of easy diy projects and store bought decorations.

Owen LOVES Mike Wazowski (or rather…Mike ‘Amowski’ as he calls him). When we watch the movie, he says he is Mike and my husband is Sully (the big cuddly bear like monster). So we had to have Mike and Sully all over the place.
I made a “monster” paper sign spelling out his name, which he loved. The “O” worked out great for being Mike. Then I did a “W” similar to the “M” in the Monster’s Inc. logo. The “E” and the “N” were just made up monsters that I got creative with. I used a pad of K&Company scrapbook paper with bright colors and geometric patterns that I found at Target, along with some googly eyes.

We already had the three old doors on our back patio, which conveniently fit with the theme. If you know the movie…you know about all the different doors. We bought a pack of green hanging lanterns and I added a “Mike like” face to the center one.

At the last minute, I decided to whip up a “Scarer of the Month” poster with photos of Owen from each month of the previous year. I found this pack of poster boards at Target with one piece in green and blue which was a perfect fit for the colors. And thank goodness for Walmart and their super quick photo turnaround. My husband picked them up the morning of the party and then I embellished the poster board with some stickers and cut-out Monster’s Inc. wrapping paper.

I wasn’t going for perfection here…just making Owen happy. He now has this poster proudly displayed above his bed 🙂

Hazel made her own drawing of Mike (shown in some of the other photos) which prompted Owen to do his own. These were just so cute, I had to display them at the party.

We decided to keep the food simple this time around and just serve Owen’s favorite: Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? Normally, I like to come up with lots of fun food to fit the theme and my husband grills for everyone, but we both wanted more time to mingle and have fun with Owen during the party.

My mom helped me make the cupcakes…Owen insisted we have “Mike Amowski” cupcakes and Sully too. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to pull it off, when I found the perfect cupcake decorations at our local Wegman’s. Phew! For the one-eyed cupcakes, I used neon food coloring to match Mike’s skin color and then we put the sugared eyes on with green icing around and a small black mouth.

For the “Sully” cupcakes, we combined two different colors of batter, again using the neon food coloring to make purple and aqua and then topped them with white frosting. I was so excited when I found Chocomaker Candy Shred in in the exact colors we needed! It gave the effect of fur. I love when stuff works out like that!

We threw in some pink cupcakes with girl eyes too for Hazel’s sake. She loved them and even helped decorate some of these. If I had thought of it at the time, I would have added some gummy worms for the hair…so these cupcakes could be “Celia” – Mike’s girlfriend. Darn, why do some ideas just come too late?

The favor bags were put in a plastic container and filled with goodies like monster eye glasses, monster rings, and some store bought Monster’s University goods my mom found at Party City.

Owen loved the whole party and had a great time being our little monster for the day (and every day really!).

He sure enjoyed his “Mike Amowski” cupcake too! Well…the frosting and little eye anyway…

I hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day and come back this weekend to link up with us at Sundays at Home!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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