Eclectic Spring Dining Room & Mantel

Spring is here! And it has gotten me in the mood to declutter and freshen up my home. Today, I’m sharing our simple dining room with subtle hints to welcome the season.

As I’ve mentioned other times, my dining room is the worst for collecting clutter. This room leads to the kitchen, basement and back patio so things are always piling up.

I finally cleared it all out last week (for the millionth time), cleaned it up and did a little tweaking.

I bought a new Hmong hemp runner on Etsy recently and love it in here. Very inexpensive too!
I’ve never been that into the color blue in my decor, but lately it’s been growing on me, especially in textiles like this.
For the mantel, I tried to keep things simple. I wasn’t feeling the Easter decor this year, so instead I brought spring into the space in other, not as obvious ways. Green plants. Baskets. A brass deer.
The most obvious being a found nest with a small egg and some feathers.
I put back the collaborative abstract paintings I did with the kids a couple of years ago, but this time inside the mantel, instead of on top.
That’s about it! Pretty simple, but I’m loving keeping things that way these days. Hope I can keep this room clutter free…for a little while anyways. Hope you have a great Easter weekend ahead!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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