Girly Wolf Den: Little Girl’s Bedroom Inspiration

My four year old daughter, Hazel, loves wolves. She has a growing collection of stuffed animals and even proudly sports a wolf hat to school every morning. So, as I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out how to combine all of her interests into a cohesive bedroom design, I decided it might help if I pulled together some themes to see what she loved best. Today, I am sharing my first one…a girly wolf den inspired bedroom. 

I know that getting her to fall in love with some of these items (like the bedding) is a long shot. Her favorite color is magenta…sigh. But I am still going to see what she thinks of it all pulled together. She told me just so long as it had wolves she would love it. In fact she already has some of the items on this list including 6 and 8. Number eight is her beloved wolf, Aspen, whom she can’t go to bed without!

So here are some items that I think could totally work in a girly woodland den!

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16. Wolf by Andreas Lie Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas

Here is my girly, wolf loving Hazel snuggling with Aspen this past Christmas…
She added this arctic wolf to her collection on Christmas day. It’s really an “arctic fox”(affiliate link*) but he looks close enough to a white wolf so we went with it :). Hazel named him Arctic. 
At the zoo last summer, in front of the wolf wall…
And here are some more “wolf” pics through the years…she often takes Aspen with us on outings and she was thrilled when we got to meet some Husky dogs after they did a run (she loves Huskies too because of their similarity to wolves).
It remains to be seen how her room will turn out. Somehow, I still have to make the Beach House Rug (that she chose) work into the scheme. Oh and unicorns. Cannot forget the unicorns. 

And if she had free reign it would also include bright pink and purple and rainbows and hearts and all the girly things she can think of. Sigh. 

Plus we have lots of gold star decals that she wants all over. It will be all I can do to keep this room from looking like a hot mess in the end! Wish me luck 🙂

To see more “girly wolf den” inspiration check out my latest pinterest board dedicated to it! I found lots of inspiring canopy beds that make Hazel’s heart swoon, so we will definitely be incorporating that into the mix!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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*This post may contain some affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for any sales made through them. Full disclosure.


  • Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

    emmy has a wolf hat, too and loves wolves and arctic foxes! i LOVE the wild is calling me artwork- that's my favorite part. can't wait to see her room take shape. i know i will love it!
    ps- i showed emmy your clay horns and she loved them so much she made her own set. 😉

  • Cecilia Bramhall

    Oh, haha, this just makes me smile. I love your inspiration board. Best of luck mixing all the elements together. The whole wolf/unicorn theme makes me want to paint a picture with the two….hm. I just might have to!
    Your daughter is adorable. I love her in her wolf hat.

  • BarberryLane Designs

    um, the wolf/unicorn/rainbow/pink/purple…might be a bit of a stretch. Perhaps you could make a small dollhouse and let her take out her 'design' excess there…lol.
    Fun…time—when they start to develope…likes. thanks for the cute smiles, Sandi

    • Alice Wingerden

      Yup, it will be interesting how it comes together! I don't mind stretching my brain and creativity a bit to try and make it work though 🙂 and we do have a dollhouse that we are currently renovating! She wants the same look there haha.