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Dollhouse Kitchen Reveal

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I’m so excited to share our dollhouse kitchen reveal today! It’s the first fully finished room in the house and both the kids and I love it. I hope you enjoy the “tour” today and if you are participating along with us for Dollhouse Therapy, be sure to link up your own posts with our link party below. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s miniature transformations!

Be sure to visit my co-hosts as well to see all of their room reveals today. Check them out at Primitive & Proper, Nalle’s House and Semigloss Design. Now on to the kitchen reveal!

If you missed my post at the beginning of the month, be sure to check that out to see what my plans and inspiration were for this room. Here is the “before” shot again to see what I started with:

After many hours of planning, diy projects, custom building and a few “on the fly ideas”, here is the “after”. I changed a few ideas from my original post, but overall it came out as I envisioned…even better I think!

Overall the style is modern farmhouse with a vintage vibe and eclectic details.

The walls were painted white and then my first big project to tackle was the flooring. Like I mentioned in the before post, I wanted something quirky and fun that I probably wouldn’t brave in my own home. I found a beautiful piece of scrapbook paper and Mod Podged it to the floor and then sealed it with clear varnish. I made the jute rug out of twine.

I added a hexagon tile piece as a backsplash for the wall behind the kitchen appliances and counter. This three piece kitchen set was exactly what I was looking for. I decided to custom build an additional counter/cabinet piece to extend the rest of the wall. The drawers, cupboard and “dishwasher” door are non-functioning, but I was pretty proud of myself for building this unit from scratch! A first.

I also made the hood range from a small piece of tin and a wooden block. I added some copper spray paint and it was done!

Many of the small items in the kitchen were pieces saved from my childhood and some brass pieces from my grandparents. I did add this pie board and loaf of bread from and made the flour and sugar canisters out of tiny wooden thread spools.

The sink, stove and fridge all open and the drawers come out. Let’s see what’s inside shall we?

Eeek! A little mouse hiding out. Oh and you know, Plumbing Made Easy, just in case they spring any leaks.

These people really like their sweets! Another cake from Hobby Lobby in the freezer and a decadent strawberry cheesecake just waiting to be devoured.

I left the other walls simply painted white, but did add wood trim throughout the room and the ceiling got a bit of a decorative touch with some vintage embossed wallpaper.

The wooden cabinet that came with our dollhouse, got a fresh coat of white paint, and a little bit of decorative scrapbook paper to finish it off.

The cake stand was made from jewelry components glued together and spray painted. The cake is from Hobby Lobby. I’m ready to take a slice of that…

I think someone else wants a piece too. They might have a mouse problem.

This cat will probably take care of that soon. I had this from my childhood and can’t believe it survived all these years and the last two with my kids playing with it!

The little bamboo blinds were cut from real ones that I had but had broken. We will be adding plexiglass to all the windows, but not until later on. The little radiator was saved from my childhood too. The high chair came from this set.

And the finishing touch of the kitchen were two battery operated pendant lights. They aren’t super bright, but I didn’t have the patience to run the wiring through this house. And using two instead of just one helps a little, plus it just looks cool, right? They stay up by magnet, so they can easily be turned on and off.

That’s our dollhouse kitchen! The kids absolutely could not wait for me to get done with all of these photos so that they could play with it. I am so happy they love it and seeing a completed room motivates me even more to work on the next! I had so much fun pulling this all together.

Now, let’s see what all of you joining us have been working on! Link up your posts below! Or if you aren’t able to join in, hop around to enjoy more miniature goodness. I could look at this stuff all day…for real. I am completely obsessed! You might know if you follow my board “in miniature” on Pinterest 😉

If you have any questions about anything I neglected to share here, just let me know and I will try to reply asap.

I am currently spending some time away from the computer (blogging, social media, etc.). The break has been much needed and is quite refreshing. I don’t know that I will get back into a regular “swing” of blogging any time soon, but will post here and there as time and motivation allow.

This post may contain some affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for any sales made through them.

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  • Amy B

    Wow! That turned out wonderful! I'm sure you are having a great time playing with it with your kids! Can't wait to see the whole house finished but I think the process of doing it is also part of the fun.

  • Arielle

    This is so darling! I LOVE that floor and the pendants! I remember how much I loved my dollhouse when I was little so this is just great.

  • Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest

    Oh, Alice- you've done a remarkable job on your awesome miniature dollhouse kitchen! I really like it – even those cute mousies! : – ) I do hope kitty leaves them alone, they kinda look as though they belong, right? Hee hee.

    I have two dollhouses and one is completely done and I have never ever blogged about it. Today I have company – and it is rainy and dark and bleh today – so I won't be able to do a post quite yet, but hope to get involved soon.

    I sure hope I mean it this time, fairly certain I promised myself last year to do it too.

    Anyway, loved yours and going to check out the other links.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome finished mini room! Well done, ma'am!

  • Bliss

    Sooooooooo cute. My fav? The cutting board. That little wood thing with it's loaf of bread just threw me over the dollhouse edge!

  • April Ansley

    I love the floor! That is such a good idea. I've been wondering what to do about my own kitchen floor as my kitchen is next month. I was leaning toward a wood floor, but now I'm not sure. Yours is so pretty!

  • anu

    Alice it's wonderful! All the little details you've made are amazing. I love that you were able to incorporate pieces from your childhood and getting to see inside the cupboards is so fun. 🙂

  • BarberryLane Designs

    So very cute—what a lovely kitchen, if I didnt' have my glasses on I would have thought someone made their kitchen so cute. I had so much fun doing my grand's last year. Though it was Barbie scale==1:6 instead of the tiny scale 1:12 you were working on. but there are so many choices available with the dollhouse scale. Can't wait to see the rest.

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