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Dollhouse Girl’s Room Plans

If you are still following along with the Dollhouse Therapy challenge we started back in March, I have some new room plans to share today! Your co-hosts: Cassie, Anu, Emy and I are all working on ideas for our next room reveals which will happen on the last Tuesday of this month, when we will also be giving away $100 to for those who have been joining us in the challenge!

Today, I am sharing my basic plans for the girl’s room. Hazel has the “girl’s room” and Owen has the “boy’s room.” It was tough deciding which room to do first, but I chose to focus on the girl’s room first because Hazel’s birthday is on June 30th…right after I get it done. I thought it would be a fun birthday surprise!

Hazel and I decided on several pieces from who is generously sponsoring this challenge and up coming giveaway! They have so many amazing pieces to choose from…I could literally look on their site for hours.

For the girl’s room we decided on the following:

Ornate Antique Style Mirror – This was one of the first pieces Hazel spotted and she had to have it! She definitely wants the girl’s room to be “fancy”.

Houseworks Birmingham Chandelier – Hazel insisted that the girl’s room needed a fancy chandelier and I couldn’t argue with that. We went with the battery operated one since I chose not to run electric in the house.

Unicorn Statuette – My girl LOVES unicorns so when I spotted this mini one I knew it would be perfect!

Colonial Doll’s House – because every dollhouse needs a miniature dollhouse right?

3 Piece White Nursery Set – Hazel keeps the crib and dresser in the girl’s room even though we will likely make a nursery in one of the attic spaces later on. 
We will also have lots of DIY and homemade pieces in the room including some miniature perfume bottles that I made with beads and a tiny vanity stool I blogged about previously. Then later bedding, curtains, a rug, wallpaper etc. All of that will probably be decided as the room starts coming together. I am kind of last minute with these things!
Lots of pieces from my own childhood dollhouse and those purchased second hand will also be making their way into the room, like the little doll furniture (really for a smaller scale house but I thought it could work as girl play toys), a plastic horse and wooden house bookshelf.
That’s the plan so far. We will see how it all comes together! I just hope Hazel loves it in the end.

Be sure to visit my co-hosts to see what they are planning for their houses! And don’t forget to come back at the end of the month to see our reveals and link up your own dollhouse renovation projects if you are working on one! We love to see what you guys are up to.

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Till next time…
~Alice W.

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