Hazel’s Wolf Birthday Party

At the end of June, my sweet daughter Hazel turned five. Her favorite animal is the wolf, so for months she had been telling me she wanted to have a wolf themed birthday party. I knew it would be a tricky one planning and finding decorations for, but I was up for the challenge!
Even though this party happened months ago, I still wanted to share how we celebrated here with you. Better late than never right? (I’m pretty sure I say that about all of my kids’ birthday party posts!)

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The party was held on our back patio and I used most of what was already out there for some of the props, like salvaged old doors and a light up white holiday tree. We were going for a rustic, woodsy, wolf den look…if such a thing could exist. I tried my best!

The lights and stars were to give it a wintery night feel (even though it was 3 in the afternoon and summer). I added some shiny silver tree silhouette wallpaper to one of the old doors. Hazel wanted purple, gray and and white for the colors. I used a Mexican falsa blanket, from a thrift store, for the table covering along with pieces of faux fur.
The rest of the backdrop was decorated with a couple of light up wolf canvas prints that I found on Amazon, a wooden plaque that reads, “The Wild is Calling Me” from Etsy, and some gifts from my uncle who gave Hazel a large framed wolf print and a tin sign that says, “Welcome to the Wild Side.”
My sister-in-law, Danielle, is a pastry chef, so I had asked her early on to make a “wolf cake” for the party and she thankfully took up the task (lucky us I know!). I bought several wolf figures to decorate the cake. I found them for decent prices at AC Moore and on Amazon. Hazel’s only request was that the cake look like winter, had two tiers and a wolf howling at the moon. Wishes granted. 
Danielle did an amazing job making it look like snow and even added a large full moon behind the howling wolf.
Leave it to Amazon to have wolf napkins! We had to have them…
I got creative with other party decorations adding a framed list of “Hazel’s Wolf Pack.” She has a growing collection. Even a favorite sheep that she has had since she was a baby belongs to the pack. I like to call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing…Hazel doesn’t yet get it 🙂
It was tough finding good favors for the kids who attended the party. I thought that would be an easy job but finding small wolf related items that were also affordable proved to be difficult. 
We ended up getting several small stuffed wolf pups and added an, “Adopt a Wolf Pup!” sign. Each child got to take their own wolf pup home. We had a little area where they could decorate pipe cleaners with plastic beads to make them each a collar too. Hazel loved that.
When I saw these cookies while researching party ideas on Pinterest, I wanted to have them SO bad at the party. It was last minute, so what’s a girl to do? Well, call up her crafty mother who loves to help with the grandkids’ parties and leave the job to her, of course. 
My mom went to the grocery store but wasn’t able to find the same lemon cookies, so she went with these shortbread cookies instead. She dipped them in chocolate and added butterscotch chips for the claws. The kids loved them so much! I was just sad they were all snatched up before I got one…sigh.
Another last minute project was making a moon sign with a wolf and the number five. I cut a canvas circle and painted it white and silver. Since, I had a wooden five left over from this project, I spray painted it magenta (Hazel’s favorite color even though she wanted mainly purple for the wolf party), and then added a silhouette of a wolf howling. I printed the wolf on label paper so it would work like a sticker….super easy! We hung it from the patio roof above the salvaged doors.
A purple 5 candle finished off the cake!
We had a lot of fun dressing up in wolf shirts as a family for the party! Hazel insisted 🙂 I found all four of ours on Amazon. It was super hot and I was about 4-5 months pregnant at the time, so I got myself this tank top. Josh got this t-shirt to match with Owen’s, and Hazel got a cute purple wolf tee. 
I honestly don’t know where Hazel’s fascination with wolves came from, but it has only grown stronger through the years. She says someday she wants to work with wolves and help save them and teach people they aren’t as scary as most people think. 
It makes me feel so proud when she spouts off all the facts she knows about wolves. She loves getting new books about them from the library and book stores as often as she can. 

My little wolf girl…
We all had a great time celebrating Hazel turning five, and she said it was “the best wolf party ever!” Guess I did something right. 
One of the gifts Hazel wanted for her birthday was a giant wolf she first saw at Field and Stream. I ordered it on Amazon (for a much better deal) and gave it to her a few days before her party…on her actual birthday. She loved it and decided it was a girl whom she named Luna.
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Since then, we have also celebrated Owen’s 4th birthday with an Avengers party. I will be sharing that  in the near future. And our baby girl is about to make her appearance anytime…so yet another “birth day” celebration is coming our way!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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