Making Room for Baby in a Small Space

As some of you may know, I am expecting our third child this November. Five year old, Hazel and four year old, Owen can’t wait to meet their new little sister this fall. It is a very exciting time in our home!

Hazel begged me to have a baby for quite awhile before I got pregnant and desperately wanted a little sister “to play Barbies with” and basically be a little mom to. When we found out it was a girl, she was over the moon thrilled. She would follow me around everywhere and say she just wanted to be close to the baby. Owen was just glad he wouldn’t have to share too many toys.

I have saved a lot of items from when they were infants, but some has not held up well due to moisture in our basement. The bassinet was one such piece. The plastic frame was fine of course, but the attached fabric did not have a pleasant smell. Mildew had gotten to it, so there was no way I was bringing baby home to that!

But honestly, even if it had been in tip top shape, I have secretly been wanting to make a bohemian baby nursery for a long while. And the bassinet we chose over five years ago was a big, chunky plastic thing. Cute enough at the time, but I had my hopes set on something unique with bohemian flair for this one.

Even before I was pregnant, I was pinning nursery images that made my heart swoon. I don’t have room in this home for a dedicated nursery, so I am making due with a tiny corner of our bedroom. It still has a ways to go, but so far I have made a lot of progress getting it ready for our girl.

The first and most important piece that I decided on was the bassinet. I scoured Craigslist regularly hoping to find just the right one but no luck for a few months. Then, about three weeks ago, I found it.

The only problem? It was over an hour away. It popped up in my search at the very bottom where they show neighboring cities with items you searched for. It was a also a tad steep at $175. I had hoped to score one for under $125 if I could. I wrote the seller and asked if they would take $100…I know I low balled it but I noticed it had been listed a few times and didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The seller wrote back saying he needed to ask his wife. Several hours (of agony waiting!) later and he wrote back asking, “How about $130?” Sold! At least in my book. Just one tiny thing of telling my husband about it. Then convincing him that it was a good idea and letting him know it wasn’t exactly local…oh and we needed to pick it up on Sunday. Football day. Yikes.

Thankfully, he is pretty easy going about stuff and agreed without too much fuss. He just insisted we go in the morning before football. We went and picked it up the following day. The seller told me that it was handmade and was from a wicker business his mother-and-law used to own. They had a few pieces left over, this one included, and were needing to clear them out. Worked out perfect for me! And my husband made it home in plenty of time for the game. Phew! 😛

We drove that beauty home and brought her up to our bedroom. Umm…I also didn’t get measurements, nor did I mention that to my husband, so I was quietly hoping  it would fit without a problem. Thankfully it did.

The only issue that I have found thus far is that it does not fit a standard size bassinet mattress, so I think I will be making my own. I found some tutorials online, so that will be next project.

Having this new bassinet in our space inspired me to do some more tweaking in our room to welcome the baby. Last spring my husband installed two wooden floating shelves from Target and I have restyled them with the baby in mind.

I am obsessed with baby moccasins and have the first tiny pair that I bought for Hazel before she was even born along with a couple of other pairs I found while thrifting. I also found a cute canvas print that reads, “We loved you even before you were born.” So true!

I also found a simple white box frame to put one of our early ultrasound pictures in.

The top shelf has a couple of succulents and a framed watercolor painting that Hazel made.

There are still a few more things I need to do to finish this space including making the mattress and getting sheets to fit. I would also like to make some kind of cute, simple mobile to hang above. I have been getting inspired by images on Pinterest and searching through my stash of random clutter and craft supplies to come up a unique design. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

I hope you enjoyed your visit today checking out our “in progress” baby boho corner (as I am calling it). It is always humbling that people want to visit me here just to see what I am up to 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you are one of those.

I will officially be entering my ninth month of pregnancy today! I’m just a few days shy of 36 weeks and due November 13th. Not too long and we will get to meet this beautiful little girl and I will of course introduce her here after she arrives! Can’t wait…

Source List & Similar Items
(Contains some affiliate links and products previously received through brand partnership. Full disclosure.)

Wicker bassinet – Craigslist – search your own local Craigslist or try searching Etsy
‘Garden Rose’ Swaddle Blanket – Little Unicorn
Pink Plush Owl by Carter’s – Target
Newborn moccasins – Target (other pairs were found at thrift stores) – search similar on Amazon or Target
Wooden floating shelves – Target
We Loved You Boxed Sign – Gordmans
White Box Frame – Gordmans
White and wood frame – Target

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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