Packing Up a House Full of Memories

I knew it would feel like the blink of an eye and the time to move would be here. And now it has arrived. We officially moved out of our home this week and the new owner was given the keys yesterday. I was feeling all sorts of emotions as we went through this process and our home got emptier and emptier.

We are currently housesitting for my cousin as we have waited for the closing day on our new home. We finally get to move in this weekend!

Since my desktop computer is packed away, I only have access to our laptop and previous blog photos, so today I thought I would look back on some memories made in this home and how we enjoyed making it our own while it belonged to us.

It’s interesting to look back at how my decorating style has evolved and changed since we moved in back in 2010. It has definitely simplified as I decluttered more and more in the past couple of years.

In the spring of 2014 our living room looked like this:

rustic vintage farmhouse living room with brown sofa

By the time we were ready to move out it looked like this:

living room reveal with gray sofa and pink kilim rug

Our kitchen went through the biggest transformation…three years in the making. Having three little ones can kind of delay house projects.

This is what it looked like when we moved in and for our first few years here:
Maple kitchen cabinets before being painted

And here is what it looked when we were getting ready to sell:

kitchen makeover with gray paint and industrial light fixture
gray industrial kitchen makeover
One of my favorite rooms to decorate and show off on the blog was our dining room. My vintage mantel and crystal chandelier filled up a lot of décor posts.
salvaged mantel in dining room with crystal chandelier
Here is how the dining room looked within the past year after I changed out the chandelier and painted the mantel:
eclectic farmhouse dining room with modern geometric light fixture

The bedrooms went through lots of changes as well. We had one large bedroom and one smaller one that were switched around a lot. When we moved in the smaller room was Hazel’s nursery which looked like this:

baby girl nursery withvintage inspired neutral decor

and then eventually Owen got half of this room to share which I revealed in December 2015:

As the kids got older and accumulated more and more toys (ahhhh!), we ended up switching to give them the larger room and made this our master bedroom:

And last fall we added a little “addition” to this bedroom…our sweet baby Violet and her little boho corner:

The master bedroom became Hazel and Owen’s huge shared bedroom which I will share pictures of soon!

One of the things that I loved about this home was decorating for the seasons, especially fall since it suits my style so well.

And we made so many Christmas memories here. I loved watching my kids’ eyes light up every holiday season as we put the decorations all around our little house.

We brought all three of our babies home to this house, and had two under two for awhile. Those were some long, hard days of motherhood but I am going to miss them like crazy. I tried to make the days magical and fun and full of wonder for these little ones.
That won’t change in the new house, but I know I can never get back those precious days when they were so young and I had them all to myself. Owen will be in kindergarten and Hazel in first grade in the fall…sniff sniff. It will be Baby Violet and me on school days and I know we will make lots of magical memories together, so there is that to look forward to…but boy am I going to miss when the days looked like these…
As we packed up our final belongings Wednesday night and walked around our empty house, I got choked up as I looked all around and had flashes of memories running through my mind. Where the older two learned to walk, hearing the laughter and running through the upstairs hall, getting splashed in our old clawfoot tub while I gave the kids baths, bringing babies home for the first time. So many memories, so many feelings that all added up to one thing: HOME. All packed up and stored away. 
And tomorrow…we will walk into the new house as our own. I can only hope and pray it won’t take very long before we all have the security and feeling of home once again. 
I will try to post as I am able over the next few weeks…probably neck high in boxes waiting to be unpacked and furniture to be placed.  Moving really is a lot of work but I am excited for all that lies ahead for us.
Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  • Cecilia Bramhall

    Aw, those are some sweet memories! Isn't it fun to see how our tastes change too?
    I've always wondered what it was going to feel like when we finally move to the farm. We've been here 24 years…my children grew up in this house and lots of love has gone into making it home. I think I may shed a tear or two. You will settle in and the new house will soon be home where new memories are made and more love and fun will happen. So excited for you!

  • Rose L

    The memories are always there, and between your blog and photos you will keep them forever. You will enjoy making the new house a home.

  • Stephanie Fisher

    I have always loved your blog, house, decorating, etc..I could go on! Even though I am sad you are leaving your cute house, I am excited to see how you will decorate your new home and make new memories there! 🙂