We Sold Our House!

So, we actually did it. We sold our home! After living in this two bedroom, humble colonial for seven years, we took the plunge and put it on the market. Surprisingly, it sold within the first weekend, to the first showing and above list price. More about that coming soon including how I staged it myself on the cheap.

vintage colonial with open front porch decorated to sell

The decision to sell has been in the works for years.

It probably started around the time Owen was a toddler. The two bedroom thing was starting to become an issue. Eventually we made it work by switching out the master to make it the kids’ shared bedroom.

And then Violet was born, and two bedrooms just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. The hardest part was waiting it out for the right time. This past spring was finally the time.

Nothnagle for sale sign in front yard of home to sell

When that for sale sign went up, the reality hit me. (For the nosey curious I edited out the actual number there for the video listing, so don’t try texting it 😜).

Suddenly cars were driving by reallllly slowly and turning around down the road a little ways. People wanted to see it immediately so we booked six showings the first Saturday it was listed. The first two people loved it enough to have competing offers, and by Sunday, it was sold.

Then reality hit me again…we had to find a new house!

We didn’t even know what town we were going to live in, just hoped it would be a closer drive for my husband to work. And conveniences like Wegman’s (our grocery store) and Target which are currently about 25 minutes away. It would be nice to have a few more options other than just the Dollar General and the over priced tiny grocery store when we need something.

We had been looking for a couple of years here and there when something interesting came up, but suddenly we were going to houses every week and then for a little while every day. Finally, we found one. It’s a traditional colonial, on a cul-de-sac, with four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and a two car garage. I am excited to finally have what I have been wanting for YEARS: a family room and a living room, two fireplaces, a formal dining room and a finished basement which will be a playroom for the kids. I even get my own bathroom in the new place…whoo hoo.

I have lots more to share about the new place in the coming weeks (we move the end of this month!), but for today I wanted to take you inside this place when I got it all spiffed up and ready to sell. If you are a regular you might not believe how empty it looks! You’ll even see some places I have never shared here before because they never looked this good. I definitely read everything I could about staging and used my own unique style to make it shine for potential buyers. Some photos shown below are from the MLS listing and are credited as such.

open front porch decorated to sell with chairs, plants and wreath
Front door on open porch with white roof overhang and faux peony wreath
Living room with wood floors gray sectional couch and TV staged to sell
Source: GENRIS
simple home office with vintage eclectic decor
MLS listing photo of home office and multipurpose room staged to sell
Source: GENRIS
Vintage eclectic home office desk area with imac computer and bentwood chair
Modern farmhouse dining room with romantic touches and wood and metal furniture
farmhouse dining room with metal chandelier rustic wood table and modern flower arrangment
My husband finally finished the kitchen we have been working on since this post. Sheesh that took us awhile. It was really both of us for the delay on that (plus having a couple more babies to keep us busy!). I am often very indecisive and don’t like to commit to anything and he gets tired pretty early and has limited free time to work on projects around our house. But he did it and let me tell you…it looked AMAZING! I am actually pretty sad to give it up because the kitchen at our next home is not this nice or big. We are going to make it work though like we always do.
industrial farmhouse kitchen with gray cabinets and dark countertops
Farmhouse kitchen with painted gray cabinets and industrial pipe light fixture
Industrial farmhouse kitchen with gray cabinets and modern faucet
Gray painted stairs with white walls
Open upstairs hallway painted white staged minimally to sell

I’ll show you more from the upstairs soon, including the shared kids’ bedroom, our bedroom and both the upstairs and downstairs bathroom makeovers. There is so much to do when getting a house ready to sell!

I kept the outside simple, just cleaned it up and put our patio furniture in select places to make it look inviting.

Back patio area with seating area and patio lights
Back porch decorated with wrought iron patio set and patio string lights
Backyard decorating with white garden patio set and chandelier

By now you might be thinking, “Where the heck did you put all of your “stuff”?

I actually spent several weeks decluttering our home by donating, putting LOTS of things for free on the side of the road (my neighbors were loving me!) and just plain throwing junk away. I read the book 5 Days to a Clutter Free House (affiliate link*) before I got started and it completely changed my life. I never want to go back to all of the clutter!

After decluttering, I packed up a lot of our belongings to send to a storage garage that we rent. It was really freeing being away from all of it! I only kept what we really needed, simple items to stage with and a small amount of the kids toys. I actually dread bringing it all in and cramming up the new place…hoping to keep things simple there as well. It is a lot easier to maintain!

Hello Goodbye front door mat shown exiting home

I’m definitely going to be sad when we walk out the door for the last time to this place. So many memories. We brought all of our children home here. It is the only place they have ever known and I know it will be hard for them to say goodbye to their school and friends and this sweet little place.

But, I am even more hopeful as I look to the future and think of all of the memories that will be made at the next place we will call home. Can’t wait to take you along on the journey!

(contains affiliate links and items received through brand partnership*)
Items from Raymour & Flanigan:
Adirondack chairs
Sectional couch & chair
TV cabinet
Dining table & chairs
Black and white geometric rug – Urban Outfitters
Kitchen Cabinet Paint – Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in Gray
Kitchen and dining room light fixtures – Lowe’s
Faux Peony Arrangement – Target
Front Door Wreath – Target
Hello-Goodbye Doormat – Target
Cast Iron Garden Table and Chair Set

If you have a question about a source not listed here be sure to check out some of my other home decor posts or just ask and I will do my best to point you in the right direction!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  • Janette

    So happy you found a bigger place to spread out in, I must confess, I do LOVE your home now, it's gorgeous, but needs must, can't wait to see the new place…have the hanky's ready as you close the front door for the last time…x

  • Debbie Ridings

    Such a cute little beautiful home. It is easy to see why there were competing bids! You did a wonderful job staging – full enough to be inviting, empty enough to let potential buyers imagine what they could do with it. I am looking forward to following your journey in the new house. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Ann

    The perfect home for a retired couple like us–you did a great job staging. I adore wood floors no carpet for me. Sweet porches.