Cobwebs & Crows Halloween Chandelier

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I’m still in Halloween mode here! Less than a week away now. I’ve already shown you our Halloween mantel, my vintage buffet vignette and dining room table. Today, I am focusing on how I did up our chandelier in the dining room with cobwebs and crows.

I decided to go for a derelict old house vibe in here with what looked like years worth of old cobwebs covering the surfaces. I started by taking layers of cheeseboth and draping them from light to light. This was fairly simple to do, but I warn you if you try…turn off the lights first! I burned my poor hands a couple of times bumping into those darn light bulbs while draping the cheese cloth. I was too impatient and wanted to get it done quickly.
The fun thing about this look, though, is that it doesn’t have to be perfect at all. If it gets tattered and ripped, all the better, right?! And you don’t even need that much cheesecloth because you can keep pulling and stretching it.
My kids helped me decide on our Halloween decor this year, so we went to the Dollar Tree together a couple of times and gathered up several glittered black crows (similar to this one). We were all excited to have them hang out up here through Halloween day. I kept thinking of the phrase a murder of crows as I put this together. I know it sounds pretty creepy and morbid (although I guess that is what Halloween is all about), but I like the poetic sound of it. So here we have a murder of crows just hanging out watching us as we eat every day…eeek.
They are fun though and not at all scary. A little sparkly, a little whimsy. Just how we like it. The crows have wire on the feet that I was able to wrap around the chandelier to keep them in place. 
When we moved into our new home over the summer, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the brass chandelier in the dining room. I mean, brass is in these days after all, right? But this majorly 80’s shiny brass? I just couldn’t decide. As the months have gone on, it has definitely grown on me and I had so much fun doing it up for Halloween for the little ones. If you are interested in finding one similar, I found this one on Amazon.
I don’t know how long this chandelier will last in this dining room. At some point I may end up switching it out for this one, that we had in our old home. I do miss that one. But for now, I am really liking that I can make this one work and fit with my decor.

If you can believe it, I am not done with the Halloween posts yet! I have a cute and easy diy coming later this week so stay tuned for that. Next year maybe I will get myself in gear and get these seasonal posts out more in advance…sigh. Next week, I’ll be moving on to regular posts and Thanksgiving…so if you aren’t enjoying all the Halloween festivities going on here…no worries! I know it’s not everyone’s thing, so thanks for bearing with me!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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