Halloween Vignette + My New Midcentury Buffet

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Halloween is almost here! This month is going by so fast and the kids are already getting hyped up on candy. Although, I won’t lie…I can’t wait till we end up buying *too many* Kit Kat bars and just happen to have lots left over. I am a sucker for Kit Kat bars.

Having little kids definitely brings out the kid in me again, especially this time of year. I have been going a little nuts decking out our new house for Halloween. We never get into anything gory or too scary around here, but you will find lots of pumpkins, bats, spiders, cobwebs, crows, owls, rats and a few friendly ghosts.

Most of the Halloween décor in this vignette was purchased at our local Dollar Tree. We now live within five to ten minutes to a TON of retail shopping centers. Just one of the many changes from our small town life in our previous home, where we only had the option of two stores unless we wanted to drive at least 25 minutes.

I have probably been shopping a little too much because of it now, but I still like to be cheap frugal, so one day I popped into the Dollar Tree, to see what I could find for Halloween, and was pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately by now, most of it is probably fairly picked over, but you can still find many similar (or same) items on Amazon. I was lucky enough to snatch up tons of these crows, black cheesecloth fabric, spider web kits, and a couple of rats before they were gone.

I am so excited to reveal to you guys my newest furniture acquisition where I set up this spooky vignette: this amazing midcentury buffet! It was at an annual household charity sale in my area. It only cost $6.50! Isn’t that insane??? It was definitely a happy day for me. I brought it home, cleaned it up put that baby in the dining room, where I am pretty sure she always belonged.

I immediately styled it up for Halloween with several of my favorite jarrahdale pumpkins. I found them at a local farmer’s market. I love that gorgeous pale green color. And then surrounded them in “cobwebs” and a pair of vintage brass candlesticks (from the same sale). The little spiders came with the webbing kits (plus my kids have a ton left over from previous Halloweens).

I wasn’t a fan of the rats red eyes and actually had hopes to spray paint them entirely, but you guys…no joke…my son literally cried when I told him I was going to do that. He loved these little guys as is and insisted we leave them alone. 
I had to go back, just to buy more, so I could follow through with my original plan! Which I will show you next week. The spray painted rats ended up on our spooky Halloween mantel. Owen gave me his permission to spray paint those ones and there were no tears… until I said I wanted to put glitter on them too. Can’t win.
I found these battery operated Flameless Taper Candles at the Dollar Tree also. They are perfect for Halloween…with a gentle flicker for that haunted glow. And obviously much safer than the real thing.

I asked my mom, who makes party décor to sell in her shop, to cut out bat silhouettes for me with her Cricut. They looked amazing when she brought them over! I had planned on putting them on the ceiling in the dining room, but after I got the new buffet, and with the still empty walls, I decided to use poster tack and arrange them from smallest to largest on the wall. In hopes it would look a bit like they were flying away. Except for a couple that are still hanging out.

I will show you the rest of the dining room decorated for Halloween early next week, so make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss it! If your local Dollar Tree no longer has some of these items in stock I have listed several similar items below from Amazon. If you are a Prime Member there is still lots of time to add some spooky vignettes to your own home! (And if you aren’t, what are you waiting for? I could not live without my Amazon! Click here to join.)

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~Alice W.

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