Mini Halloween Pumpkin Face Family

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During my fall home tour, I gave a glimpse of our little “pumpkin family” on the windowsill. Eventually, I knew they would get some faces and now they finally have. I have done this for the past couple of years, and the kids love it. It’s a fun fall family tradition now.

You really don’t need crazy artistic skills for this…just a fine point black Sharpie marker (and red or pink if you want to add some rosy cheeks like I did). 
We have all of the members of our family represented and each one got their own unique features this year:
The dad has stitches and fangs. 
The mom has horns and is on the sleepy side (ha! true story). 
The girl is a cute kitty with furry ears. 
The boy has stitches and one fang up and one fang down. 
And the wee little baby girl has her tongue sticking out and a couple of Frankenstein bolts.

Simple, cute and fun! And you can get as creative as you want. That’s the best part. My kids often even like to draw their own versions on the reverse side. They surprisingly haven’t yet, but did do some on our larger ones…and then wanted to turn them into scarecrows to sit out front on Halloween night. Since we will be out trick-or-treating, we figured we could leave these “kids” to hand out the candy.

And look how big the two behind them are getting…sniff, sniff.

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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