Creating a Cozy Fall Ambiance Throughout Your Home

Happy Saturday! I am so happy to be joining several talented blogging friends today to bring you the first in Jennifer of Town and Country Living’s blog, Cozy Living Series! It is sure to be full of ideas to help you create a warm and cozy home/life. I am honored to be a part of this talented group.

I am actually thrilled that the first of this series comes at the beginning of November, my favorite time of year. Between now and Christmas is when I make my home the “coziest” and truly feel joy all around me. Not just because of Christmas, but because of so many simple pleasures that fill my heart with warmth all throughout the season: the decorations and lights, the gathering of family and friends, comfort foods on the table, snuggling in warm blankets, keeping traditions alive and experiencing the warmth and kindness of others.

Today, I am going to show you some simple ways that I strive to bring a cozy ambiance throughout our home for the season. None of these ideas are expensive or take much effort. They are simple traditions I enjoy doing year after year.

The first is to start adding candlelight throughout my home. I always get a new fall scented candle each year, and have it going in the afternoon before everyone comes home. I often have it going while I prepare dinner often listening to holiday music or with Hallmark Christmas movies on in the background.

This year, I brought the fall ambiance beyond the main floor and even added some touches to our bedroom. We just got it all set up after moving into this home over the summer. You can see our bedroom in progress here. I added some small pumpkins, gourds and candles.

I actually got orange votives for Halloween, but love how they look in here for fall. They fit with the boho vibe. And if you don’t want to have real candles going, you can opt for battery operated like I had in this one. They won’t add the scent of course, but will give the glowing ambiance.

The other ways I add warmth and coziness during this season, is to bring on the layers. Just like we put on extra sweaters as the weather gets cooler, our homes can use an extra layer of throw blankets, pillows and textures. I bring out the fur pillows, knit throws, and heavier blankets.

I love pulling out all of my chunky sweaters and boots, and planning my Thanksgiving attire.

If they keep fresh, I continue to have pumpkins and gourds throughout our home until Thanksgiving. I put them in almost every room as well as the porch and patio.

Some of the following photos are from our previous home. Click on the images below, to be taken to the original posts, if you want to see more.

Layers of faux fur and textural fabrics always find their way into my decor come fall.
And as evidenced by most of these photographs, the use of nature in my decor is top priority for the fall season. I think I could decorate for fall with only natural items and be perfectly happy with the result. The colors and beauty of nature are all that I need to make my heart get that cozy fall feeling!
I hope you enjoyed this first Cozy Living Series post! Now, be sure to visit each of the other participants and see what Cozy Living inspiration they have to share this month and say hello. I can’t wait to soak it all in!
Till next time…
~Alice W.
Cozy Living Ideas or Hygge

Cozy Living Ideas or Hygge


Cozy Living Ideas or Hygge

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  • NanaDiana

    Everything is just lovely- warm and welcoming and I can see your 'heart' in your home.
    I had that same piece with mirror in the bedroom. It belonged to my mom and when my brother 'started over' I gave it to him.

    I hope you have a wonderful, warm day…and don't forget to set your clock back! xo Diana

  • Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

    Alice, I have to agree with Danielle. I adore your photography. It always makes me feel something. And when I need a dose of boho chic, I know where to go – Alice's place!! Ha. We have an "Alice's" in our town. It's a little vintage spot that specializes in soft serve ice cream but it has burgers and stuff too. Just a small counter inside for eating – otherwise everyone eats at the tables outside. It has a giant ice cream cone on top. You'll always see kids' baseball teams getting ice cream there after a game. I've gotta take a photo of it and send it to you. I think your kids would get a kick out of it. It's closed for the season now but will re-open again in May. The owner (Audrey) goes to Florida during the winter. Love what you've done so far with your new home. Your bedroom looks great! And that Alice Blue tin caught my eye! Perfect for your room.

  • Lauren Shaver

    I'm always in awe of your photography, Alice. Just soothing and warm and inviting in so many ways. When I saw you were going to be on this tour, I thought, "Alice is going to ROCK at this cozy thing because she always does." So absolutely perfect!