Styling an Antique Vanity

Last week, I showed you our bedroom decorating in progress along with the antique vanity my mom gave me. Today, I have some more photos of how I styled it and made it fit with my vintage bohemian bedroom.

I’ve loved it ever since my mom first got it for her bedroom but wasn’t sad when she said she was updating her room and wanted to get rid of it. Win for me! I really like dark wood and love the variation of the stain on the drawers of this piece. I also love the shape of the mirror and decorative details it has.

antique bedroom vanity details

It has seen some wear, but I think that only adds to its charm. I don’t plan on using it for doing makeup or hair (we have a master bath in this home….whoo hoo), but I do plan on using it to store my jewelry. Of which, I have tons. There is a large drawer that should hold most of it nicely, and then I will keep my go-to pieces on top.

For now, to give it a boho vibe, I added some potted cacti, a beaded picture frame from Anthropologie, and some vintage containers. One is an old chocolate tin that says “Alice Blue”…another gift from my mother.

Most recently, I added some cozy fall charm to it, which you can see more of in this post.

Next to the vanity, I put my grandmother’s paint box. Her name was Kay DeWind and she was an artist. I am blessed to have many of her art suppliesand perhaps her artistic genes as well.

I am also blessed to have her collection of fashion prints that were hung in her living room for decades. Now, I plan to display them on the wall next to the vanity. Along with several others that I have found and collected along the way. I shared this photo on Instagram a couple of weeks back…

I’ll be sure to share that here when I finally get them hung up! Hopefully, I can get past my fear of putting holes in the wall and just do it. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me! I’m working on it.

I hope that you all have a very beautiful week and thanks for stopping by!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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