Christmas in the Dollhouse

It’s never too late for a holiday home tour in miniature is it? I spent a lot of time getting our dollhouse “just right” for the holidays, but never got around to photographing it till now. I hope you enjoy the tour even though it comes a bit after the holiday season!

Our dollhouse has been a work in progress for a couple of years, and still has some rooms that aren’t finished, but I hope to get to work on those as soon as time allows. And we have fun playing with and decorating it no matter how far along we are in the miniature renovation!

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We will start this dollhouse holiday home tour in the farmhouse kitchen. Everything stayed pretty much the same in here, as when I first revealed it, with a few festive touches added (although we sadly lost our pendant lights due to some rough handling by children who shall remain nameless).

I really wanted a miniature gingerbread house, so I found this one that I could print online, and then just printed it very small.

The exterior of our dollhouse is not finished and faces towards the wall most of the time, so I decided to set up some little scenes out of the windows for Christmas.

Out of the kitchen window, you catch a glimpse of some children playing in the snow.

Now, we will move to the dining room and entry way of the dollhouse. This is one of the unfinished rooms, but I went ahead and decorated it anyway. 
There is an eclectic, vintage vibe going on in here with some mismatched chairs, farmhouse table, rustic bench with a textured pillow, artwork, an old grandfather clock and a brass coat rack.

The table is set with rustic wood slice “chargers” and plates we made by covering buttons in patterned pages from Anthropologie catalogs. A small metal pitcher filled with berries and greenery sits on top of a crocheted doily.

A horse drawn carriage ride awaits them out the front door. The sled is even decked out with a faux fur throw blanket to keep the riders cozy and warm. 
Now, we will go into my favorite room: the living room. I definitely wanted to keep the whole eclectic, global, boho vibe that this room already had, but also wanted it to be festive. Sort of an Anthropologie Christmas if you will.
Santa is peeking in the window to make sure not a creature is stirring. Oh, but there is a mouse…
I think the tree is my favorite part of the whole house done for the holidays. I used lots of beads and old charms for ornaments, pipe cleaners for garland, and a vintage clip on earring for the star topper. I removed the back and glued it in place, then stuck in some gold metal leaves around it. The tree was glued to a small copper pipe piece for the base.
I wrapped up some presents from papers cut from Anthro catalogs, then did them up with various trimmings from my craft stash. I used objects like dice, legos and flat earrings to wrap. Some even got handwritten “To” and “From” notes on them.

The mantel is my next favorite part. Some plastic angels are on either side with a delicate beaded garland (really an old necklace), a very tiny gold baby Jesus in a manger is in the center with brass candlesticks on either side. I made the candles with scrapes of white paper rolled up very tightly and then colored the tops with a yellow marker for the flames.

There is that mouse…

The coffee table has a silver tea set and Holy Bible (from this set), both of which I have had since I was a kid. And a miniature cup of coffee.
It wouldn’t be Christmas without the mistletoe! I put together some tiny red berries with a small piece of greenery.
Next, we will go upstairs to the girl’s room decorated for Christmas.

 Another diy Christmas tree in this room and some wrapped up gifts.

Finally, the baby’s room. This is another unfinished room, but we gave it lots of Christmas charm.
Outside of the dollhouse, we made an ice skating pond with aluminum foil surrounded by some white rocks. The rocks originally belonged to my grandmother and she would use them in her nativity scenes. We added a fairy garden bridge, some trees and a lamp post. More kids playing on the ice and snow.

I hope you enjoyed the holiday home tour from our dollhouse (even if it is almost the end of February!). If you can’t tell, I really love working on this little house…maybe even as much as our real house!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  • Debra Gilstrap

    'Wow" Alice I really do like your dollhouse. It is so cozy it makes you just want to be there and I know that it is probably so much fun decorating and fixing it up. The more and more I see dollhouses and all of the beautiful things that you can buy and make for your dollhouse it makes me want one.

  • NanaDiana

    Oh, Alice. That is just beyond adorable! What a beautiful little world you have there. I could move right in. That gingerbread house is so very cute–and I LOVE the tree. I actually love everything! Have a wonderful week! xo Diana