Favorite Decorating from Our Previous Home

It’s hard to believe that we have lived in our new home for over six months now. I am loving all of the extra space and conveniences nearby, not to mention the opportunity to decorate with a completely new palette. We have met and even begun to build friendships with wonderful neighbors in our cul-de-sac, and it really does feel like home.

I have to admit though, I still have moments where I miss our old house, the small country town we lived in, and the amazing neighbors we left behind. I still get a twinge of sadness when I think of that first home we lived in for seven years. A lot of memories were made there. Even if the lack of space and older home quirks drove me crazy most days.

As much as I often complained about it, I sincerely did enjoy decorating that little place. So, today I thought I would take you on a look back at some of my personal favorites. I’m sorry that this post is a bit self serving…allow me a brief moment to reminisce if you will 🙂

We will start on the porch…

I always loved decorating our simple front porch. It had had its challenges without a roof to cover it. Nothing could last too long out there with the weather here in western New York, but I still had fun arranging it every season. My favorite comes from my 2015 Fall Home Tour.

Our living room, that I always found a huge decorating challenge, went through so many changes. I often complained about its awkward layout and how I could never quite figure out the best arrangement for it. I tried many different furniture layouts and changed out sofas and rugs more times than I would like to admit.

Here is one of my personal favorite designs from November 2015:

Another favorite was the arrangement below also from the fall of 2015. I love the mix of textures and colors and the little area set up for my kids. I love displaying their artwork any chance I get and making it work with our home decor. 

Below was the last look before staging it to sell. The sectional was much more functional for our family and is what we currently have in our main living room.

Our kitchen didn’t get showcased too much on this blog. It was a work in progress most of the time. But I did give a few glimpses into it here and there. Here it was finally completed and staged to sell, which is when I finally fell in love with it…(sadly, right before it was time to go).
Source: Listing photo by GENRIS

Our dining room went through many transformations through the years as well. Here are a few favorite photos of it.

This home didn’t have any fireplaces, which I always wanted, so fairly soon after moving in back in 2010, we went to a local architectural salvage shop and bought an antique mantel. I LOVED decorating that for every season. Here is one of my favorites, also from Fall 2014:

This home was only a two bedroom, so we started out in the larger one for our master when we moved in and when the first two were toddlers, but eventually, we decided to switch and took the smaller of the two bedrooms. I absolutely loved this space when we got it all done, and I loved it even more when we made room for Violet in here as well!

I love Christmas so much and had the best time decorating for the holidays every single year that we lived in this home. Here were some of my favorites from Christmases past.
Well, if you stuck around for this whole entire post, thank you for indulging me and allowing me to reflect on our first home! 
Till next time…
~Alice W.
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  • NanaDiana

    Everything there is so lovely, Alice. Aren't you glad to have all those photo memories to carry with you? I wish I had done more photographs in our old homes-just of the decor.
    Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana