Romantic Valentine’s Day Table

Valentine’s Day is almost here! My kids have been having so much fun counting down the days with the goodie bags on our Valentine’s tree, and we have already been enjoying some fun and “romantic” dinners in our dining room which is all decked out for the big day.

Today, I am going to show you how I quickly pulled together an eclectic, romantic Valentine’s table for minimal cost.

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I decided to purchase a sequinned table runner in rose gold that I have had my eye on for over a year. It’s beautiful and will be great for all sorts of occasions, but especially for Valentine’s Day. 
Then, I gathered up almost my entire collection of vintage brass candlesticks and placed those down the center of the runner. I didn’t have enough candles to fill all of these, so I decided to purchase some red taper candles from Amazon. That was all! 
I already had the red heart doilies from the Dollar Tree, so we placed one at each place to enjoy some Valentine’s cookies that my mom brought us. 
Hazel really wanted to make each family member a special Valentine, so she cut out hearts from a sheet of red foam and glued them to white paper doilies. Then wrote “I love Dad, Mom, etc.” on each one with a gold Sharpie marker. We put those at each person’s spot at the table. 

This was pretty simple to pull together and everyone has been enjoying it as the time winds down to Valentine’s Day. We have yet to light any of the candles, but may do so on Valentine’s Day. Obviously, be extra careful if you do that and never leave any candles left unattended. Safety first people! Or if you want to go flameless, opt for these glittered candles instead and use them year after year!

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I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a beautiful week ahead!

Till next time…
~Alice W.
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