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Coaster Turned Dollhouse Coffee Table

My favorite miniatures are those that don’t cost much to make, just a little creativity. When you get into dollhouses and miniatures, you quickly realize it can be a very expensive hobby if you want to shop for premade furniture and accessories. When I was a kid, I would get dollhouse catalogs and circle everything I wanted. I remember thinking “someday I will buy all of these!” Now, I would rather save my money and make as much as I can for the dollhouses on my own. Today, I am showing how I made a coffee table for our dollhouse living room with some simple materials I had lying around the house.

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Handmade Dollhouse Coffee Table in Dollhouse Living Room

When you start making miniatures, you begin looking at everything as a potential material for turning into something tiny. I am constantly looking at things and thinking, “hmm, what would that be in the dollhouse?” It makes throwing things away very difficult!

Here are the supplies I started with to make this cute little table:

One rattan coaster (similar to these on Etsy or these on Amazon) – you can always look for these at garage sales and thrift stores which is what I do

Four bamboo jewelry beads (similar to these)
Bamboo Beads and Rattan CoasterI simply used a glue gun to attach the beads to the bottom of the coaster. If you want it to hold up well for actual playtime in a child’s dollhouse, I suggest you use something stronger like E6000 and allow it to set for awhile. Maybe also glue another small piece of wood behind each bead for added support.

I’ve left ours as is and it has gotten played with a lot. I’ve had to reglue the legs once.

Bottom view of dollhouse coffee table with coaster and beadsrattan dollhouse with bamboo bead legsI really love this little coffee table! It looks perfect on the diy shag rug (tutorial long overdue but coming soon!). And since I don’t have an actual “real life” coffee table (due to safety with the little ones who prefer an ottoman to jump on), I have my fun styling this one.

Here it is styled up with a white vase of flowers, stack of books and little tschotskes (how cute is that tiny silver armadillo?! I have no idea how we came about that but I love it).
coaster turned dollhouse coffee table with tiny decorative items
Coaster and wooden bead dollhouse coffee tableIn future posts, I will show you how I made the couch and pillows in the background. This scene is not from our dollhouse, but set up on an old shelf with some of my favorite scrapbook paper in the background. I can’t wait to use it in an actual dollhouse one day! If you haven’t seen our dollhouse living room, you can check out all the details in this post. It is still one of my favorite rooms.

Now, that I have started getting into the groove with my new blog space, I am really enjoying using WordPress and sincerely hope your experience on my site has been enjoyable! I feel rejuvenated with starting fresh here and moving in a new direction sharing more dollhouse and miniature posts. It excites me every day to think of what I can take photos of and share with you. I have so many ideas, it is hard to contain them. I keep a running notebook full of ideas for new miniatures and post ideas 🙂 It has made blogging and sharing on social media fun for me again.

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  • Kathleen

    Such a great idea ! I also am always looking at things and wondering how I could use them in my dollhouse. Just recently I was flipping through a Spoonflower (fabric) catalog and in the back they have small square pictures of fabrics and I thought, ” hey those would make great pictures for my dollhouse !” I really enjoy miniatures as a creative outlet and I enjoy your blog . Thanks !

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