Violet’s Goodnight Moon Birthday Party

Hey Friends! Can you believe that my sweet baby girl, Violet, turned two yesterday? I can’t, that’s for sure! We’ve had two fun filled years with our sweet, spunky, lovable girl. She loves to give “huggy’s,” read books, “biwd” blocks, play with her big brother and sister and make up her own words. Grandma = “Mocha”; water = gaga; apple cider (her favorite!) = goup, her brother Owen = “Buh” and sister Hazel sounds like “Hey-dough. We have no idea where she came up with some of these but they have become standard language around our house!

Over the weekend we celebrated her birthday with a “Goodnight Moon” party. Today, I’m sharing all of the fun details we put together for the occasion!

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Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyViolet’s favorite book is Goodnight Moon. We have read it hundreds of times! I know it by heart by now, so I thought it would be a really fun theme for her party.

I began planning this party a couple of months ago by making a Pinterest board to inspire me. Then started collecting items we had around the house that would work with the theme. My mom has lots of antiques and vintage items around her house, so I borrowed a few from her as well. I only ended up spending $20.80 on supplies from the Dollar Tree for this party!

I couldn’t exactly transform our dining room into “the great green room,” but I tried my best to mimic the colors and feel of the book.
Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyDIY Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyGreen and yellow streamers made the perfect curtain backdrop around our dining room buffet. I lined the top with red border that I found in the “teacher’s corner” at Dollar Tree. I used similar borders to transform our Hearth & Hand shelves for the party.Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyI brought in our small space heater (just for look with the faux fire – no heat needed in this small room!), and then decorated on top of that and the buffet with items inspired by the book.

The wall was covered in vinyl stars that I received a few years ago from Wallternatives.

I also worked in our black sample paint on the side wall. We have been planning on painting the dining room that color, until we realized it was covered in wallpaper and was then painted over to hide it. Ugh. Now, we are working on removing the wallpaper (starting on the opposite side of the room not shown), but still have this black patch over here. I put a red boarder around it and added a paper moon and some stars.

It became a night time window just like that.
Toddler-Birthday-Party-Theme-Goodnight-MoonThe red star balloon was another dollar store purchase and the Cow Jumping Over the Moon picture was created by shapes my mom cut on her Cricut and Hazel’s artistic talents. I love how it turned out.
Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyThe larger plush bunny was a Goodwill find (originally from Kohl’s) and the smaller onewas a souvenir Hazel and I brought back from our trip to California over the summer. We set it up as the larger one was the bunny from the book and the small one was his “stuffy.” Hazel offered the use of her Build-a-Bear fold out bed, but since it was bright pink, we pinned red fabric around it.

If you are familiar with the story, you will recognize most of the items…but if not, here goes:

In the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloonVintage-Telephone-Goodnight-Moon-Party-PropAnd a picture of the cow jumping over the moonGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyAnd there were three little bears sitting on chairsGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyAnd two little kittensGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyAnd a pair of mittensGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyAnd a little toyhouse and a young mouse (he moved throughout the party – as he does in the book – thanks to Hazel’s creative genius!)Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyAnd a comb and a brush and bowl full of mush (just some flour and water mixed together – Cream of Wheat would work really well for this but we didn’t have any on hand at the time)Goodnight Moon Birthday Party

And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush” (I safety pinned her paw to her chin)Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight roomGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight moonGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight cow jumping over the moonGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight light and the red balloonGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight bears and goodnight chairs (thanks Hazel!)Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight kittens and goodnight mittens
Goodnight Moon Birthday Party
Goodnight clocksGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight socksGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight little house and goodnight mouseGoodnight comb and goodnight brushGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyGoodnight nobody

Goodnight mushGoodnight Moon Birthday PartyAnd goodnight to the old lady whispering “hush”Goodnight Moon Birthday Party

Goodnight stars

Goodnight air

Goodnight noises everywhere

And that’s the whole book! Violet’s favorite to repeat is “nobody.” She says it over and over. When she saw all of the decorations she said “Wow!” and pointed out the moon and the bears and the bunnies. She seemed to really enjoy it and get that it was from her favorite book 🙂

Here is a cellphone pic of the birthday girl and me taken by my mother-in-law:
Goodnight Moon Birthday PartyIt was a small party and we kept the food simple with a store bought carrot cake and some Moon Pies! The kids loved those. All in all it was a great time!

Till next time…


  • Nan, Odessa, DE

    Tell me about the small house in the photos? Looks like a doll house for very young children.
    I need to find one for youngers that is inexpensive for Christmas. Can you make some suggestions?

    Your daughter will remember this forever.
    Take pics and pick up a small photo album at the Dollar Tree for her to enjoy this memory.
    Young children enjoy these albums made up for their pleasure.

  • Briana from Texas

    What a darling idea! You are so creative and imaginative. My son also loved “Goodnight Moon”. He is 24 years old now. I still have wonderful memories of reading this book to him and looking for the little mouse on each page.

  • Margie

    Alice, you are so talented and creative. You and Hazel did a wonderful job making Goodnight Moon book came alive. I remember in past posts, you did beautiful birthday themed parties for your older children. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Birthday to precious, Violet!!!!