when you don’t have a green thumb

I have never had much of a green thumb. I try. and try. and try. But alas, so many plants have met their unfortunate end in my care. Since moving to our new home, I now only have three living plants in the house. All of the rest never made it. Even my fiddle leaf fig that I kept going for almost two years. That was the hardest one to part with. The one that made me believe my black thumb might actually have a hint of green. Wishful thinking.

I still really like to have greenery in my d├ęcor though, so I was delighted when on a Target run the other day, I happened upon this potted succulent. It was on the clearance rack for $13.98 and looked so real, I decided to take it home. I know it will enjoy a long life here. It actually looks so realistic and even has the same texture as the real version – of which I have a small version.

I put the real one next to it to compare and honestly I can hardly tell a difference. The living one has slightly more color variation to it, but it is pretty darn close. So if you are like me and wish you had a green thumb but just don’t, head over to your local Target and see what they have on the clearance rack. You never know what you might find. Oh and hey…I even found that round mirror on the clearance rack last year for only $15! That was a happy, happy day. I wanted that mirror when it was $49 but resisted the urge. Worth the wait.

I will still try my hand here and there at living plants as I enjoy their beauty and air purifying qualities, but I am not going to be afraid to add a faux one around the house. Just so long as they look as realistic as this one does.

Quick house /move update: we are getting there with unpacking all of the boxes and getting furniture into place. It has been slow, but we are making good progress. Our new cabinets arrived yesterday for the kitchen…whoo hoo! I can’t wait to get those installed and show you the transformation.

The kids started at their new school, Owen in kindergarten and Hazel in first grade. So far they love it! Such a relief as I had a lot of mom guilt making them move to a new town, new house, new school etc. That’s a lot of changes for little ones. They left behind beloved teachers and best friends and everything they have ever known. Everyone is adjusting really well these days. Violet and I get to enjoy quiet, one on one time together during the day and then wait a the bus stop for the big kids to come home. Life is good.

Till next time…
~Alice W
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