Miniature Beach Campsite from Nature

Hey Everyone! I’ve been away for a bit. I spent last week in beautiful Lake Tahoe, celebrating my sister’s wedding. Hazel and I had a girls trip, just the two of us, all the way across the country to be in the wedding party. It was a whirlwind with our flight being delayed and losing out on one of our vacation days, but we made the best of it. And I am so glad I was there to celebrate with my sister.

It was hard to be away though, and I have to say, there is truly no place like home. I couldn’t wait to give my other two kids and husband long hugs and kisses. We missed them so much!

The day after we returned, we spent an impromptu afternoon at a local beach. While we were there, Hazel and I decided to work together on a little lakeside “campsite” made from bits of nature we found along the beach. I didn’t have my regular camera with me…so I took all of these on my iPhone.

Miniature Nature Tepee and Campfire on the BeachMiniature Tepee and Campfire on the Beach

Mini Tepee and Campfire made from NatureHazel started by collecting sticks and leaning them together to make a tepee shape. Then I wrapped some dried seaweed around it and make it more enclosed…for privacy, of course ;).

Playing on the BeachEarlier, I had spotted some orange leaves and knew they would be perfect to make a little “campfire.” We found tiny sticks and stones to prop up the leaves.

Miny Campfire Made from Leaves Sticks and StonesThen we found a tiny pine cone and Hazel immediately said, “That could be the baby!” So we had to find a little cradle for the baby….a tiny piece of drift wood.

Beach Fairy House with Pinecone Baby and Driftwood CradleThen the baby needed a family of course…so Hazel found some acorns to be the mom, dad and sister.

Fairy House in the Sand with Natural MaterialsIt was so much fun, and I couldn’t help but collect a few more bits of nature to use in our dollhouses. I’m sure I will share them at some point in the future.

Only two weeks left until Hazel and Owen enter second and first grade! Here they are making a sand castle and having fun…Kids Playing on the Beach
And Little Miss Violet will be two before we know it (November 12th)…sniff, sniff. Here she is enjoying playtime in the sand!

I am definitely going to miss the carefree summer days and spending them with my little ones, but I am also excited to get back into the normal “school routine” and having some precious time alone with Violet during the day. And maybe sneak in some creative time for myself when she naps!

Till next time…