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Vintage Eclectic Jewelry Display

If you love jewelry as much as I, today’s post is for you! Especially if you love organizing it in creative and unique ways. Which is basically what I am all about around our home…

I have always loved jewelry and have grown quite a stash over the years. In high school I had four ear piercings on each ear, wore ten to twelve silver rings every day and doubled up on some fingers. I got my belly button pierced the day of my high school graduation party (much to my mother’s chagrin) and always wore layers of necklaces and bracelets. Later, I got into vintage style and often wore costume jewelry and brooches. I would scour flea markets for really unique ones to add to my collection. I still love those pieces.

Some things have changed these days, with being a mom and really wanting to just be comfortable every day. I now only ever wear one pair of earrings and I hardly ever wear rings, except for special occasions. My wedding and engagement rings don’t even fit, so they have sat in a jewelry box for a couple of years now. And thanks to pregnancy, I don’t have that belly button ring anymore. I don’t miss it though, I can admit now. 

I still love layering necklaces and wearing vintage costume jewelry along with new statement pieces I find from time to time. I am always drawn to the jewelry department in stores, and love to scour the counters at antique and thrift stores for new necklaces. I usually always leave with something.

Recently, Josh and I switched rooms with our two little ones to give them more space to play and spread out their belongings. We live in a small two bedroom home (click here to read more about it if you are new here – although I haven’t updated that page in over a year so it’s changed a lot since those posts!). A new house isn’t on the horizon just yet, so we are trying to make this one work as best we can. The toys and clutter in the kids’ room was driving me crazy and they never really had anywhere to play because almost every surface was covered with toys and stuffed animals.

A couple of weekends ago, I finally took the plunge and started the bedroom switch. I had been wanting to do this for a couple of years! It felt so good to finally get it done. Thankfully, the transition went over without a hitch. The kids love their “new” big room, and I love our cozy, small one.

I have a lot of plans to give it a full makeover as a cozy, eclectic retreat, but for now I am just using it ‘as is’ with what was left over from when we moved the kids to the other room. Today, I wanted to share with you how I displayed my jewelry collection in the new room. I’ll share more pics of the entire room soon, but I hope you enjoy this little preview today…

The dresser was purchased at friend’s yard sale for $25. It was in better shape a few years ago when I bought it, but having it in here with the kids, it got it’s fair share of damage. C’est la vie. I still love it though, flaws and all.

The rug in here is from Urban Outfitters (affiliate link*), in size 5×7. I had it packed away since I shared it here over the summer…just waiting for the day when it would go in our “new” bedroom! Whoo hoo. A happy day it was when it finally made it into the space.

I found the cutest vintage ceramic tray at a thrift store and it was mom who inspired me to buy it to display jewelry. Perfection! It’s my favorite color and style and looks great holding bracelets and cocktail ring.

I actually made a lot of the rings and will be sharing a tutorial post in the future for them. Back in the day I used to make jewelry and sell it on Etsy but haven’t had time to in a few years. I loved some pieces so much I could never bring myself to sell them.

I used to hoard mirrored jewelry trays, but in trying to simplify my decor, I pared down to just a few (ha! the others are still stored away until I find the perfect spot). I had to keep this one with the roses on the ends. It has always been a favorite. Several of my most frequently worn earrings (and newer ones) are displayed here along with some bracelets and a collection of my grandmother’s costume jewelry.

My grandmother died just over a year ago, so it’s nice to have all of these beautiful mementos (on the left in the above photograph). She even had some boho style jewelry in her stash!

I bought this found antler at an antique store and knew that I wanted to use it for holding rings when I saw this from UO (affiliate link*). Even my wedding rings are on it now. Maybe one day I will get them resized to fit! I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to that sort of thing.

I’ve had this vintage fabric box for years, and started storing some of my brooches and other jewelry in it recently.

There’s even a pin in there of my mom and me as a baby back in the early 80’s.

I must confess, the brass box filled with antique rosaries belongs to my husband. He bought it the flea market it a couple of years ago, but I snagged it to decorate with. I really love old rosaries and this is a beautiful collection.

Of course…having my jewelry displayed like this makes it up for grabs for little hands who also love jewelry…
When this room was just Hazel’s, I had an antique French mirror in the entrance with a cast iron bird rack below. We will eventually be taking these things out when we paint the room, but for now I am using it to hold necklaces. 
(But then that also means this might happen. If you follow me on IG you may have already seen that little number 🙂 These two kids always keep me amused.)

Even though I no longer sell handmade jewelry, some days I still get the urge to make some, so a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out my supplies and made myself a new pair of earrings. They were quick and easy and fit perfect with my style. Can’t wait to wear them out now!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Soon, I will share more details of the room right now and then later the complete makeover. We will be painting the room all white, getting a headboard, splurging on some new bedding and possibly some other new decor pieces. Soon enough it will all be coming together! I can’t wait. Then after that…I’ll be moving on to finishing up the kids’ new room. So stay tuned! Lots of good stuff in the works. Be sure you follow me by email and social media below so you never miss anything!

Till next time…
~Alice W.

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