Thrift Store Etc. Sign Makeover

Last year, I shared a quirky sign during my fall living room tour that I had picked up from a thrift store and made over. I wanted to get this before and after post up much sooner, but you know how it goes. This transformation was so easy and was the first time that I used black spray paint for a decor piece. And I love it! It was the perfect choice. I have really grown to love adding black accent pieces throughout my home.

Five to ten years ago, I would not have considered painting this sign anything other than white (or maybe pink when I went through that phase for a couple of years). But now, I am always considering the piece itself and what it speaks to me.

Here is how it looked when I got it…
It was just a simple wooden sign that had been lightly stained and was a little rough around the edges. I know some people would see this sign and just see junk, but to me it seemed like the type of piece that would look cool in a gallery wall or add some fun character somewhere, so I decided to buy it that day for a whopping twenty-five cents.

I decided to lightly sand down the rough edges and then spray paint it with Valspar’s Satin Black that I had on hand. Looking back I wished I had gone with a flat paint because this one had some sheen to it. This was an outdoor spray paint, which wasn’t needed since I planned to hang it indoors, but you know when you get antsy to just get a project done, so you use what you have? Yeah, that’s what I did.

Since it was on the shiny side, I decided to take a sanding block to it, which I actually ended up liking because it distressed the edges giving it an aged look.

For now, it takes its turn in our entryway, resting on our wooden coat rack, until I find it a permanent home. If such a thing exists in this place! I can’t help but constantly rearrange and redecorate. Here it was during the fall…

I put it away right before the Christmas holiday season, but just brought it back out and I am excited to find a place for it. Any recommendations? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on where this quirky etc. should go or how it should be displayed! Where would you put it in your own home?

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are! We are up to our knees in snow here and it’s so cold that 18 degrees has started to feel like a heatwave!
Till next time…
~Alice W.
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