Fall Home Tour: The Porch & Kitchen

Welcome to the first installment of my fall home tour for 2015! If you came by way of Cozy Little House, I am thrilled you popped in for a visit. Be sure to head back over if you missed Brenda’s tour. Today, I will be giving you a tour of our front porch and a rarely seen room on my blog…the kitchen!

I hope you enjoy your visit here today and do come back on Thursday, when I will share my second installment with the living room and dining room tours.

Let’s get started…my husband and our two small children live in a tiny town just outside of Rochester, NY. The weather has been all over the place here lately, but just started to feel like fall. This is definitely my favorite time of year.

My style is eclectic with a subtle bohemian vibe. My fall decor is mainly brought in through natural touches this year.

I love to mix things up and rearrange all throughout the year. I kept things a little simpler this year on the front porch than I did last year – mainly because it is still early in the season! No doubt I will add to it and rearrange things over the next month as we really settle into autumn.

For now, I did go out and buy some mums and a new to me plant…Red Peacock Flowering Kale. I fell in love with the color. It goes beautifully with the orange pumpkins and rich, colorful mums. I kept some of my cacti out here (although with cooler weather coming they will soon be back inside) and filled in some details with small pumpkins, gourds, owl statues and a found deer skull.

I was so excited when I found a copper colored watering can at Christmas Tree Shops a few months back. It was perfect for our recently added landscaping that my husband did for me this summer when it was hot, hot, hot.

I am not really a traditional wreath person when it comes to fall (last year I put a macrame owl out here!), but this year, I wanted to change it up, so I gathered some nature from our yard and added some Indian corn to it. Simple and almost free.

The pillows are from Home Decorator’s Collection. They are on the scratchy side so they make nice outdoor pillows when we have good weather. The Mexican falsa blanket is one of my most recent thrift store finds.

Now, it’s time to head inside to the kitchen! I hardly ever share photos from our kitchen here on my blog since living in this home for the past five years. I have shared before pics and progress pics of our makeover, but the truth is, it is still a HUGE work in progress. We started painting the cabinets a couple of years ago and still haven’t even finished. I would love new countertops, flooring, lighting, etc. This list could go on and on.

But, that being said, I am challenging myself to enjoy it right now, as is. Flaws and all. So I decided to decorate it a bit for fall and make myself happily share (some of) it here…just in case it might inspire some of you out there who also don’t have a state of the art kitchen with all the latest trends. It doesn’t mean it still can’t be the heart of your home and worthy of looking at. So….here we go!

Just recently, we brought the old sewing table in here to act as a kitchen island for the time being. I have been decluttering a lot the past year and sold the old, chippy table we had here previously. I like the wood tone of this piece, but would ideally like something a little bigger. For now, I put a bouquet of branches my little boy Owen and I foraged from the yard.
My mom loaded us up with apples from her trees the last time we were down visiting, so there are plenty just waiting for me to make fall desserts with!
I rigged up my own lighting for my work area from an antique egg basket.
I do spend quite a bit of time in this room and always enjoy the view of our backyard. It is a fairly deep lot that backs up to the woods. We often see deer and other wildlife roaming about.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today touring my front porch and getting a little glimpse inside my kitchen! Now it’s time to head on over to Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable to check out how she does fall.

Then be sure to visit the rest of the talented bloggers sharing their fall home tours today along with me!

Here is the line up for the rest of the week:

And as I mentioned at the beginning, I am sharing the next part of my fall home tour on Thursday so make sure to come back to see how I am bringing fall into the living room and dining room!
Till next time…Happy Fall!
~Alice W.
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