Boho Eclectic Bedroom: Source List & Makeover Plans

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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my husband and I are finally going to focus on making a bedroom retreat for ourselves. We haven’t had a dedicated bedroom since before having kids. After they were born it has served double duty with the other side taking on various roles such as baby nursery, storage room and art studio. Well, not anymore. We moved to the smaller of our two bedrooms and are now in the process of making the boho eclectic bedroom of my dreams.

Today, I am excited to share my makeover plans with you along with the products and decor that will be pulling together this “retreat.”

One of the most important new aspects to the room that you won’t necessarily see in the decor is the mattress. We have known we wanted a new one for awhile, since ours was the one we bought when we first got married.

We headed to Raymour & Flanigan’s a few months back to choose our new mattress. They have an awesome selection, but I didn’t spend long enough trying them out the first time we went though and just went with the one my husband liked. I don’t know what I was thinking…I guess the idea of picking a new mattress was daunting to me, so I let him choose. Mistake! (no offense to the hubs…he could sleep anywhere).

We initially decided on a “medium” memory foam mattress. The first night though, I knew it wasn’t for me. Thankfully, we had added on the mattress comfort guarantee when we selected the mattress, so we were able to pick out a different one after the policy timeframe. Well worth the extra investment!

I spent about two hours there the next time making sure that I loved it. Thankfully, we both fell in love with the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Silver Plush. It has been like a dream every. single. night. sleeping on this mattress. I could probably have just made this change and been a happy camper!

But you know…I do like to decorate and change things up…so let’s get to the fun stuff….

Source List & Makeover Plans

The room is small, and I want to keep it on the minimalist side (being a self-professed hoarder anyways), so each piece chosen needs to have a bit of personality to give it a cozy vibe while keeping things simple.

I want the overall palette to be neutral whites, creams, and tans with hints of black. Then I want to add in subtle pops of color with green plants and shades of pink/copper.

This is a list of products we already have for the bedroom or that I hope to purchase soon to finish off the space. Some might change as I shop and start pulling it all together, but this is a rough idea of the look I am going for…
I have been enamored with the Angelo Queen Headboard (in Pearl) since I found it on Raymour & Flanigan’s site last fall. I knew it would be the perfect look for my space. I love the nailhead trim and overall design. It’s simple, but has personality. All of their ‘online only’ items come with free shipping too…sweet.

I used to have a vintage matelasse bedspread from a thrift store and loved it. Eventually it became very worn, thinned out and frayed on the edges. I am still craving a similar look, so I was happy to find the Savannah Chenille Bedspread. I haven’t purchased it yet, but will likely get the king size so that it drapes to the floor. I love the fringe trim!

I recently shared a picture on Instagram of the new throw pillows including two Matador Leather Chindi Pillows which look great with the La Paz Kilim Pillow

I purchased last year. I replaced the inserts they came with for down inserts I picked up at a thrift store. Makes a huge different getting that “karate chop” look. My daughter Hazel even likes to help me do it these days!

(The blanket under the pillows is just an illusion…it’s a small throw blanket I threw on the bed to see how it might look with a similar bedspread…just in case you were wondering why I am not going to use that instead 😉
I mentioned last week my current design crush on mid-century/retro style furniture, so I was over the moon when I found these Portland Nightstands. My husband and I have never had matching nightstands! It has been really fun deciding on cool pieces that are functional and match my design esthetic. 
The Honeycomb Dreams Lamp seemed like the perfect style to coordinate with the nightstands, so even though my husband was insistent that he didn’t “need” a lamp…we went ahead and ordered two anyways! I mean seriously…we needed a pair, right? I love how this lamp looks in the room and shared this pic of it recently on Instagram.
I picked up this Whitewash Wooden Hexagon Mirror from Target just yesterday and love it! It will either end up above my dresser or near the entrance of the room.
I really liked this faux Large Steer Head when I spotted it at Target as well. It might just find it’s way into the new room one of these days.
We have bamboo shades on the first level of our home and I want to bring them into the rooms on the second as well. I think the natural look of these Honey Bamboo Weave Roman Shades will be perfect for the space. We will probably need to get curtains also, since they don’t offer complete privacy.
My own Fiddle Leaf Fig is still growing pretty strong since I purchased it last fall. I found it at Home Depot (of all places!) and it really loves the sunlight that streams in through the bedroom window. 
Although, it is begging to be replanted! I am nervous though…soon, soon I keep telling myself. 
Even though it’s still on the small side, I went ahead and bought this white and natural basket to put “Mr. Fig” in (that’s what we call ours around here). It will remain planted in a different container but I love how these plants look in baskets.
More plants, cacti and succulents will be in the room since it gets such good light. I want to hang some near the window likely in a couple of macrame hangers similar to this one. 
For now, I will be keeping the vintage dresser that was already in the room from when my kids were  in here. I really love it even though it will be a tight squeeze with the bed. It has seen better days, but there is just something about it that draws me in…
And the thrifted rattan chair I found for $20 is already sitting in the corner of the room with one of my favorite Kilim pillows. I found this particular one from a shop that has since closed but the seller now has her own website: Miss Dilaa
There are tons of cool Kilim pillows if you search on Etsy. I could shop for them all day!
Next to the chair, I will be putting this Ceramic Calla Stool to use as a side table.
I would really love to add some cool photography and artwork to the room. I am debating on one of my own photos printed or something like this Pink Cacti Wall Art Print
by Wilder California.
And last but definitely not least, the Magical Thinking Tahoe Geo Printed Rug that I purchased from Urban Outfitters last summer (I talked about it here). I have been dying to get this rug into the room (it had been folded up in a closet just waiting!). It ties in great with the pillows and adds just enough pattern for the room to make me happy every time I walk in.
There is still some work to do and purchases to be made to bring the full room to completion, but I am hopeful to have it all done by the middle of March. I will do a full reveal tour for you then! Be sure to follow along by email so you don’t miss anything along the way!
UPDATE: The room is complete! Check out the reveal post.
Till next time…
~Alice W.
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